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I'm Pregnant!
When you found out you were pregnant, how long did you wait until you told dad-to-be? How did you tell him and was he the first person you told? Did everyone react as you expected?

BFP after 15 yrs Trying

Posted by: srvixen on Tue Jan 6, 2015
I went to the OB-GYN for a well woman check up on 1-5-2015. While there I got my BFP!!!

I kind of expected I was since my LMP was on 10-28-2014, but I didn't get my hopes up as I had, had 2 neg HPTs one in Nov and one in Dec.

This is a great surprise and happy moment for me as I had been trying for almost 15 years to have a second child (I am 110% over the moon). My first pregnancy took 5 years before I ended up with a BFP (had to find out with an hcg blood test when painful cysts on my right ovary sent me to the ER back then).

I do have PCOS and was diagnosed with it when I was 16. I am now 36 and in addition to the PCOS I have Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and some other health factors.

This will be my guy's first baby, and his father's first grandchild, so the entire family is over the moon, especially my son who has always wanted to be a big brother (I just don't think he expected it to happen when he was almost 15 yrs old). LOL

Anyways, I don't remember much about my first pregnancy since it was so long ago, I was almost 21, and I didn't pay attention to my body then.

But what I do want to know ... is if anyone has experienced slightly brown tinted ewcm in early pregnancy only on the TP when wiping after going to the bathroom (sorry if TMI).

I'm not sure if this is normal, there was some slight spotting when I had my well woman's check up, and my doc didn't seem concerned about this. In fact the spotting and the exam came before she found out the Positive for Pregnancy results from the lab (they only did a urine test). But they did take some blood to check my hcg levels to determine how far along I am, as she isn't sure if I am 9 weeks or less along since I had light spotting on TP around 11-25 & 11-26 when my Nov. period would have started.
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