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I'm Pregnant!
When you found out you were pregnant, how long did you wait until you told dad-to-be? How did you tell him and was he the first person you told? Did everyone react as you expected?

Pregnant! And looking for a creative way to tell! (help!)

Posted by: Aidria on Thu Apr 5, 2012
We discovered we were pregnant with Baby #2 in mid's been a looong road already! We have only told our parents and our best friends. I am wanting to spread the news in a creative way but just can't find one! Anyone?? These are some I have thought of but I have seen done already too.. Have a picture of my son holding ultrasound picture, or make a cake that says pregnant! Or just start sending my son in a shirt that says Big Brother! I don't really love any of those ideas and I am looking for a creative idea not seen much to spread the news this time! With our first, we took a picture of the ultrasound picture on top of a onesie and wrote, oh boy...or girl.

Thanks for your help ladies!
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