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Instantly see your cycle patterns and trends!

Menstrual cycle chart and report

Menstrual Cycle Chart & Report - Detailed menstrual cycle history report. Includes average, shortest, and longest cycle lengths. Shows irregular cycles if exclusion rules setup. Charts cycle and period lengths.

Monthly Period Chart

Menstrual Cycle Chart - Traditional View - Concise annual summary of your menstrual cycle periods.

Menstrual Period Flow Chart, Cycle Symptoms Chart

Menstrual Period Flow Chart - This chart visually shows menstrual cycle periods and flow trends, along with any non-menstrual spotting. Optionally, view symptom trends in relation to your flow.

Cycle Symptoms Level Chart

Cycle Symptoms Level Chart - This chart provides the menstrual symptom diary chart that can help doctors evaluate PMS. It graphs each selected symptom showing when and how much you were affected in relation to your period.

Cycle Symptoms Comparison Chart

Cycle Symptoms Comparison Chart - Compares your symptoms during the selected time period, showing which occur most frequently, and the degree to which you've been affected (mild to severe).

Feminine Protection Chart

Feminine Protection Chart - Review your feminine protection usage: by absorbency throughout each of the selected cycles; or, by protection type and absorbency for period days in each selected cycle.

Weight Chart and Weight Report

Weight Chart & Analysis Report - Graphs your weight for any time period, showing your weight trends. Also charts your periods, so you can determine their impact on your weight. Plus, day-by-day detailed weight report, and net loss/gain, min/max weight. An excellent diet companion!

Menstrual Cycle Notepads

Travelling Cycles Notepad - Printable menstrual cycle and symptom trackers.

PeriMenopause Journal - View or print your perimenopausal journal for the selected date range.

Calendar Marker/Appointment Report - View or print your calendar markers and appointments for the selected date range.

Daily Symptom Chart, Cycle Symptom Summary

More Symptom Reports - Daily symptoms, symptom summary, symptom trending

Menstrual and period cycle wheel charts

More Period Charts - Menstrual cycle wheel, Period wheel chart, Period days pattern chart