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So Long Period Stains

Who hasn't had a period stain or two along the way? From undies to fav jeans, period stains can be a royal pain. But happily they're often non-fatal and can be mostly/completley removed.

What period stain removal strategies have you tried and what works best for you?

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Posted by: lainiebug on Sep 26, 2011
So Long Period Stains

peroxide, never bleach

If you're just looking for an emergency remedy around the house- don't use bleach!!! Bleach will cause blood stains to turn yellow. Peroxide is good for removing spots of blood on cloth. I learned that going to school for medical assisting- where you practice blood drawing on each other and wear white uniforms.

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Posted by: xicyx on Sep 22, 2011
So Long Period Stains


Soak in OxiClean powder with warm water overnight. Works EVERY time!

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Posted by: redwine on Sep 20, 2011
So Long Period Stains


Hydrogen peroxide seriously works every time.

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Posted by: dsquared on Dec 28, 2010
So Long Period Stains

best stain removal EVER

For fresh stains, I have found that clorox wipes work amazingly well. All signs of stains vanish! Hope this helps someone.

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Posted by: Jlcason on Sep 29, 2009
So Long Period Stains


Hydrogen peroxide works the best! Takes the stains right out and does not discolor the clothes!

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Posted by: ljfroggy on Sep 2, 2009
So Long Period Stains

cold water

I read it in a magazine a long time ago and as soon as I can I fill up the bathroom sink with cold water and let whatever I have soak until most of the stain's gone. It's amazing how well that works.

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