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I'm Pregnant!
When you found out you were pregnant, how long did you wait until you told dad-to-be? How did you tell him and was he the first person you told? Did everyone react as you expected?

Positive prego test! Due October 22nd

Posted by: BABYnumber4 on Wed Mar 21, 2012
So I was suppose to get my period February 14 (awful day to get AF) and it never came. I thought it was just because of stress and my extra busy work schedule. We were not trying at all since we have a 4 year old, 3 year old, and 1 year old. AF didn't come the 15 either do before work on the 16 I took a pregnancy test. Sure enough it was positive. I snapped a picture of the test and sent it to the hubby right away. He thought I was lying lol so I took another one I front of him after work and positive again. He was shocked but happy. We are due October 22nd 2012. 3 days before my birthday and our 3rd wedding anniversary. Some present this will be :) we have 3 girls and are praying for a boy! So far this pregnancy seems very different. I crave meat (especially steak and burgers and salty potatoes prepared any way! With the girls it was candy and sweets. I have never been sick before and I am nauseous every morning for a few hours then it gets better through out the day. I do t have any acne (yet) and I did with the girls. Let me know if you think it's a boy or is it just wishful thinking. I will find put late may early June. My hubby wants a secret but I will know :)
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