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TTC After M/C
Are you trying to conceive after one or more miscarriages? How long did you (or will you) wait until TTC again? Who or what has been helpful to you during your difficult time: faith, the support of your partner/friends/families (or did you find them unable to relate?), others who you now found out also m/c'd...

TTC after 1st MC, worried about my support system

Posted by: deedub on Mon Sep 16, 2013
I lost my third pregnancy back on March 21, 2013. DH and I were not TTC nor were we preventing so it came as a total shock. I, honestly, thought I had a horrible UTI. I had just had, what I thought was, my period two weeks before that. I have wanted another baby for over 2 yrs now so I was devastated! I never have talked to anyone in great detail about what it was like to MC so the entire process was traumatizing, to say the very least. However, we have decided as of last month to TTC again. DH is 34, I am 31 and we don't want too much space between our 7 and 3 yr old boys and our next baby.

I am excited but worried. Among my concerns are my support system. My mom, my sister and I are very close but they acted as if the mc didn't happen. They never offered to help my during my recovery(other than the initial ER visit and one other blood test apt.) and never asked how I was doing nor did they really even acknowledge it. I don't know if it's because they didn't know how to show support or what but I am really hurt by it still. Now, I am worried that they will not be supportive about us TTC and will have too much worry about me. I don't want to push them away but if they are not positive about my next pregnancy, I may have to. Can anyone relate??
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