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TTC After M/C
Are you trying to conceive after one or more miscarriages? How long did you (or will you) wait until TTC again? Who or what has been helpful to you during your difficult time: faith, the support of your partner/friends/families (or did you find them unable to relate?), others who you now found out also m/c'd...

TTC after stillborn

Posted by: veetkd72 on Thu Dec 27, 2012
I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks in 2011. Several months later I was excited to know that I was pregnant again. After a very healthy pregnancy, on Easter Sunday 2012 I delivered my perfectly healthy son at 30 weeks stillborn. We are completely devastated and confused from our loss, but we finally decided to start trying again in September. I have been pregnant 3 times with two losses, but have never had any problems trying to conceive up until now. It's been 8 months since we loss our son, and every single month that I get my period, it's like reliving my loss all over again. I swear everywhere I look I see pregnant people or people that I know are telling me they are pregnant. It's difficult not to be jealous or envious all though I am happy for anyone that can get pregnant knowing how babies are true miracles....Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble conceiving after a 3rd trimester loss of a healthy baby? ugghhhhh
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