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TTC After M/C
Are you trying to conceive after one or more miscarriages? How long did you (or will you) wait until TTC again? Who or what has been helpful to you during your difficult time: faith, the support of your partner/friends/families (or did you find them unable to relate?), others who you now found out also m/c'd...


Posted by: silentdreamer on Thu Nov 22, 2012
2nd m/c beginning today at 5w6d. Extremely glad for such supportive spouse during this time. He was with me at the ER & for the U/S. Lots of cramping on the right side where I have been known to have cysts on my ovary. Dr. appt again on Monday. I am determined to find out why at 26 years old I am having such a terrible time staying pregnant. Ovulation is around Dec 8. Not sure if I'll be ready to try again so soon. I'm thinking of taking a few months off to get back in shape and get my hormones straightened out and possibly get any medicine I might need.

Has anyone had any luck with Metformin? Or been able to stay preg. with PCOS/PCOD? I was advised to lose some weight. Went from 250lbs+ to 160lbs and STILL having problems.
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