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TTC After Birth Control
Did you recently -- or some time ago -- come off birth control to TTC? What birth control were you using? Have your periods/cycles returned to your normal? Are you waiting a few months, or trying right away?

TTC after Mirena removal

Posted by: SButler905 on Fri Jan 2, 2015
So I'm sure someone has already posted about this, but I am curious.... After having my Mirena for about 9 months, I had it removed on DEC 19 2014.... Bleeding statred on DEC 21 2014 and stopped on DEC 31 2014... My husband and I are TTC and I'm curious about others experiences with TTC after Mirena removal... How long did it take you to conceive, how long did it take your body to get back to "normal", ect.

Thank you so much in advance!
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