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TTC After Birth Control
Did you recently -- or some time ago -- come off birth control to TTC? What birth control were you using? Have your periods/cycles returned to your normal? Are you waiting a few months, or trying right away?

1st Month off BC pills! Help!

Posted by: TTCBB1 on Fri Nov 22, 2013
My husband and I decided its time to TTC. I finished my last pack of Sprintec BC. Received the usual withdrawal bleeding (during placebo pills) on Nov 7th 2013, ended Nov 11th. I woke up nauseous Nov 13th and vomited once, felt nauseous for a week after that (thought I might be pg but then realized its probably side effects from stopping bc). Then cramping began Nov 16th (thinking maybe I am ovulating!), but then I started light bleeding Nov 19th! Bleeding stopped today! (Nov 22). I am confused. Was that considered my 1st period after quitting birth control? (only 3 days of bleeding). Could this have been implantation bleeding even though it was only a week and a half after my withdrawal bleed? I am trying not to get my hopes up that I could possibly be pregnant, but then I am scared if that was my period because it was so short (lighter than usual) and very close to my withdrawal bleed.

Any comments? I took hpt test yesterday and its negative (thinking its to soon to test anyways).
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