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Conception Ambiguities
Anyone else experiencing this too? BFN pregnancy test when AF still hasn't shown, keeping you guessing: am I pregnant or not?! Along with symptoms that make you think you're pregnant where you can't decide: am I hoping too hard...or are these for real pregnancy symptoms?

Did you get a very late Bfp?

Posted by: mamajama on Wed Nov 27, 2013
Anyone get their bfp super late?? I am currently 8 days late. (21 dpo) I have been testing since 8dpo(bfn) TMI I have an abundant amount of white disharge that constantly makes me think af is coming.. I usually have a very regular 29 day cycle and this is driving me crazy. Tmi I did have a pink spot on tp at 7dpo
So far I have been feeling sick in the afternoon, for about three days.
Today I have sore nips.
Headaches everyday.
And I am exhausted!

We have been ttc #2 for 9 months now and I had an early ms in july. This is very frustrating :-(
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