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Conception Ambiguities
Anyone else experiencing this too? BFN pregnancy test when AF still hasn't shown, keeping you guessing: am I pregnant or not?! Along with symptoms that make you think you're pregnant where you can't decide: am I hoping too hard...or are these for real pregnancy symptoms?

What do you think? deff needing some answers!

Posted by: BabyFever4132 on Sun Aug 11, 2013
i've been trying to conceive, my periods are sorta irregular but i do have one sometimes two every month, i always start on the first of the month though, had two periods in june last one starting at jun 13-16, tried june 23rd, ovulating the 26th, tried again the 28th, july second i had something like period cramping not bad, just uncomfortable, started spotting tan, then later the same day, pinkish, the next day was tan, with a few drops of red, the day after that i started very lightly for a few hours then stopped, the day after that i bled again slightly which stopped again in a few hours, about a week or so later i had white milky discharge, recently, ive been nauseous, more headaches, gassy and tingly breast, sometimes sore off and on, even more recently ive been even more nauseous, more frequently urination,still gassy, bloated ALOT, metallic taste, and my boobs have even gotten noticeably bigger, sometimes i have random butterfly feeling, cramps and weird pelvic shooting pain lasting only a few secs, not bad but there. I was suppose to start my period the first and didn't.. ive took two dollarstore HPT both coming back negative, but neither took in the morning, i've been breaking out alot more recently also, im trying not to let all this get to my head, but i kinda do feel pregnant. But im trying to not get my hopes up!!! What do you think?
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