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Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Think you could be pregnant? What early pregnancy signs and symptoms are you having? Have you taken one or more pregnancy tests yet (early pregnancy tests before your missed period, or after you're late...)? If negative, have you checked in with the doc yet?

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Posted by: gabi2707 on Dec 18, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

I really feel pregnant!...hoping for BFP!!!

this would be my 2nd pregnancy and believe it or not the 1st time was much much easier than this time around, the first time took me about 3 or 4 months and im going on month 8 of TTC this time and am starting to freak out. I guess what worries me is my first pregnancy 4 years ago i conceived twins and had to have a C sections and so my worst fears is they damaged something when performing the c section and that is why it is so hard for me to conceive this time.According to MMC im do for my AF tomorrow but my average cycle is 28 and my last AF was on nov 21st so i believe today would be cycle day 28 and i have no sign of Af. However i feel sick have week legs and am very sleepy, all which are out of the ordinary for me and are the same symptoms i had with my last supposed to go out tonight with my husband for a date but im real anxious to know if im pregnant or not so i was thinking about taking an early result test before we went out....what are your thoughts???..i dont want to test too early but i really want to know....FREAKING OUT!!! anyone ever test early with POS results?????

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Posted by: JESSYKA on Dec 17, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?


Well,I got my BFP,yesterday..I didn't have alot of signs,except for sore and swollen breasts for 13 days in row..Usually they get sore on dpo 7 and only lasts for 5 or 6 days..This time they were extremely sore and my husband said they seem to be like a half of a cup size bigger.I've had some mild heartburn yesterday[dpo 20] and have been cat napping during the morning for the last 3 days..mild nausea last night,went away after eating some dinner..It's now dpo 21 and I awoke to extreme cotton mouth and my breasts are still big and mildly nausea yet today,took another test this morning and had another BFP !!!We're so excited.It took 17 months after the wear off date of depo provera to get a BFP...My cycles have been regular the last 3 months..BABY AND STICKY DUST TO ALL..I AM JUST SO THANKFUL FOR GOD BLESSING US :)

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Posted by: audreyjd on Dec 6, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

TTC for 5 yrs could I be pregnant?

Hey girls,
Me and my husband has been TTC for 5 years with no luck. MY AF has always been on time. My cycle is 27 days. Well my first day of my last AF was on Oct,31 and I havent received it yet making me 9 days late,,,so could I be pregnant? My stomache has been cramping 4 days now like AF is coming,,and my bb's seem to be darker and getting bigger,,,not to mention the heartburn and nausea feeling around certain foods I used to like. So what do you girls think?

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Posted by: jredfern on Nov 30, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Hello Ladies... wishing for a BFP!

Hi Ladies,
So this is my first and I am anxious to see what ya'll think!
I cycle every 23 days to a T per cycle views and I am now late! My husband and I are hoping for a BFP! The only change in my body that I have noticed is that my breast are more tender, I feel like my blood pressure is up but its within normal range , and usually the I know when AF is coming because my gland close to my armpit swell and they haven't yet so I hope that is a sign (: For the last 4 days I have been spotting only when I wipe and sometimes not at all so any suggestiong or info would be great!

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Posted by: mispink on Nov 18, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

period or baby?

A week before my period was due I started spotting. Light pink on and off for two days, then brown on and off for 2 days. I am now two days past my period start date. Feeling slight cramps, and breast tenderness, and mild dizziness. I keep going to the bathroom with a tampon in hand in case I start, but there has been no bleeding. I took a hpt one day before period was to start and it was negative. I'm scared to take another test and have it show that it's negative. My heart can't take it lol. My DH and I have been trying for 3 months with no luck so far. Good luck to everyone dust to you!

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Posted by: IssyBear on Nov 16, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

BFN once again


Been TTC for 2 years now. Nothing. ~_~

I'd given up and wasn't thinking about it as feverishly as before. My periods come like clock work. Aug 6th, Sept 9th, Oct 10th. Its never hard to guess, however, I'm late by 4 days according to CycleViews. I'd say Im late by about a week.

My PMS mimicks pregnancy symptoms to a T. I'm very emotional, I get annoyed easily, blow up, and then become teary eyed asking for forgiveness. My fiancee has become used to it. I usually gain a little weight and lose it, but in the past month, I've gained ten lbs AND ITS STILL HERE! I look like I have a baby bump, but I always look like that in varying sizes, and its always empty.
I have an unbearable headache, and besides today, Ive been sleeping for 14-17 hours. I have lower back pain, but I work in a hospital and I may have that just by the nature of my work. Certains foods I cant stand to smell, some I can't even stand to see. Every afternoon I'm nauseous. My breasts have gone from a 36C to a 34DD, which is new this month. I took 2 pregnancy tests and got a BFN both times.....
I did spot earlier in the month though, it was bright red and only one day. I don't know what to think, I dont really want to annoy my GYN by troubling him with another pregnancy test. He seems to be annoyed witht them.


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