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Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Think you could be pregnant? What early pregnancy signs and symptoms are you having? Have you taken one or more pregnancy tests yet (early pregnancy tests before your missed period, or after you're late...)? If negative, have you checked in with the doc yet?

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Posted by: confusedjg on Nov 16, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

20 days late! still NEG

Well I am as of today I am 20 days late! I HPT but all are neg. I had a dr. appt. on the 12th and that PT was also neg. My dr. told me to just wait until the end of the month before we do any other tests. I have all the common s/s of being prego, just no BFP yet. I just wanna know!!! Until then my dr told me to treat my body as though I am. Since I am never late ever....any advice ladies?

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Posted by: ZacsMomma on Nov 4, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?


Not really sure what to think...

Tuesday I started spotting, which is normal before AF shows her ugly face. But it really hasn't progressed passed spotting. It's gotten a little heavier, but not even enough to show up on a pad. (Sorry if TMI.) Then this morning when I went in to put on deoderant, I looked at my bra, and I have two wet spots right where my nipples are. I've never had this before...

My cycles are really messed up, and I'm not sure when AF would be due anyways... So I was thinking of testing in the morning to see. If it's BFN, I will find a OB/GYN to see to figure out what's going on...

But in the mean time, if any one has had these symptoms, and has any insight, that would be great! Thanks in advance! =0)

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Posted by: MamaElleC on Nov 4, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Trying not to be too optimistic....

...but I almost can't help it.

My fiance and I have been ttc for 2 years now and I have noticed some changes the past couple of days. I need input (pos and neg) please!!!! Don't hold back.

If the website was correct, I ovulated on Sat. and that would make me 4 dpo. I thought that when you are done ovulating your cm dries up? Mine hasn't. Sometimes it's a lot and sometimes it's only there when I wipe. I did experience lower abdominal tightening/cramping the other day. My face has broken out so bad that I look like I'm 14 again.

Could these be early signs of pregnancy or just my impending craptastic Aunt Flo on her way?

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Posted by: CoCoChantal on Oct 24, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Prego Symptoms

So I Took Three Cheap Pregnancy tests Two weeks ago, they all had a BFN. I still haven't seen my period but im facing abdominal bloating, fatigue, insomnia, frequent urination, the list goes on. Im Am currently 19 days late (which would make me around 6 weeks prego, if i am. i really need some help.What should my next step be?

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Posted by: NaomiNusz on Oct 23, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Needing some reassurance!

Hey everyone! I love this site and am finally going to utilize the message board. If ANYONE has ANYTHING to say please respond :)

Okay, I am on CD34, I have missed my period which according to my calender was due on the 18th of this month. But my period has been crazy ever since i got off the pill. Any way, I took two HPT's, one last night, and one this morning, and i got 2 faint positives, My cervix is high and closed, and I think its soft, but that can be hard for me to tell sometimes. *TMI ALERT* Up until this morning I have been having thick creamy discharge with some pieces of mucus in it, and this morning i had watery discharge, no mucus. I just need to know if you guys think i am pregnant or not, its driving me nuts and my DH thinks I'm crazy.. haha. OH, and I *think* I might have had implantation bleeding on the 20th. It was brown with a few chunks in it, and there was about a teaspoon of it.(Sorry if TMI) Any feedback would be cool! :) Baby Dust to all!

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Posted by: Kym on Oct 18, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

In need of advise

Hey there.... So I'm new here but to find out I'm not alone feels good! So heres my situation.

I had a miscarriage the end of June and a D&C July 1st. So I waited and waited for my period to show.... 10 weeks later I saw the Dr. he put me on provera to jump start things. Well I had a 4 day normal period Sep 10th. and nothing yet!! Im about 8 days late and lots of signs and symptoms of preg but when I took the first response test sat I got a BFN :( I dont understand..... My bbs hurt real bad, bloating, late period, metal taste in my mouth, heart burn, hiccups, crying for no reason, ect... the list goes on and on....

Please any advise??

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