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Endometriosis, Heavy Periods, Fibroids...
Are you dealing with heavy periods, irregular cycles, Endometriosis, Fibroids, PCOS, anovulatory cycles or other gynecological issues? How does it impact your day to day? What treatment has your doctor given you? Has it resolved the problem?

Endo Concern and Fibroids, Cysts and Heavy Flow

Posted by: Leelee22 on Mon May 9, 2016
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can share their experience and advice. I have had heavy and painful flows for years but I've just lived with it. I have had 2 fibroids and cysts that come and go but the dr never raised any concerns (said they were small). Well I had changed dr's recently because I was feeling concerned about my care and I was not feeling too good about the pain and such anymore. Well, They found that the fibroid had grown, the lining was thicker than should be, and suggested a lap to check for endo. A few weeks after, I had serious pain and an unending flow for about 3wks. They found a pedunculated fibroid that may have ruptured, a cyst and scheduled a myomectomy. Dr want to do it using robotics. Cycle irregular since with severe cramps and OV pain but no cycle-almost 20 days late (always been regular before this fiasco) Anyone ever had or knows someone who has had this (symptoms, experience, surgery)? I'm quite nervous. Haven't had any children yet but do desire to have at least one.
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