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I don't like my period!
What do you dislike most about your period? Is it the cramps? Bloating & Water Retention? Feminine protection hassles? Something else? What comes next on your dislike period list?

My Period Pisses Me Off Because I Don't Want Child

Posted by: happytobefree on Sat Sep 14, 2013
Periods are an annoyance for me because I do NOT want to have children. I am child-free by choice and proud of it. I use this site because it's great for tracking my menstrual cycle. I am very disheartened that so much focus of the site is on TTC. What about those of use who are trying to avoid? Where's the support for that?? I use the FAM method of contraception and it's been very effective. So far I've never had a single pregnancy scare. Grateful for that. But dealing with periods suck for me because I feel like utter crap the week or two before it starts. The period itself is fairly easy to deal with but it still pisses me off that I menstruate in the first place, especially since I don't even want kids. Grrrrrrr.
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