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SAHM or Working Mom?
Did you (or will you) stop working and be a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)? Why or why not? Any regrets in your decision, like do you find yourself wanting to go back to work, or in the middle of a meeting do you wish you were home instead? What would you tell other mom-to-bes who are considering being a SAHM - do it or not?

No right answer...

Posted by: PreemieMom on Tue Aug 21, 2012
I was reading this board with great interest when I realized that the SAHM's are over-represented here. Most moms have to work but I see very few comments from them. I'm assuming that most working moms don't have time to post to this board, so I thought I'd chime in.

I'm in Canada, so I was lucky to have 12 months of maternity leave at home with my little one. I went back to work full time about 8 months ago. As a working mom, I'm conflicted. I'm not sure whether I want to stay home or if I should. My son absolutely loves his daycare. We were lucky to get him into a top-notch facility and I am confident he gets good care in a loving, stimulating environment. I'm not sure I could do better myself! But sometimes I would like to try!

I'm a lawyer and I work full time. I spent a long time building my career and my life before choosing to have a baby. In all my thoughtful planning around starting a family, I always assumed that I would continue to work full time after baby arrived. I enjoy my work, it's very lucrative and I couldn't imagine abandoning the career I worked so hard to build. Also, my hubby and I live in a very expensive city, so our mortgage necessitates that we both work. If I were to go down to part time hours, it might require that we sell our home (a drastic measure as far as I'm concerned). We've got some tough decisions ahead of us and I'm not sure that there is a "right answer" for us.

Whether I stay home or go to work, our kids will be taken good care of. At this stage, it's really about what I want. And what is that? I just don't know...

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