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No Periods, Less Periods
Period suppression is currently a very hot topic. Will you (or do you already) take prescription meds to stop your period, or to have less periods a year? Why or why not?

Not preggo & no period. CONFUSED!!

Posted by: KeniaAM on Mon Jan 23, 2012
NEED HELP!!! Well, I have punctual periods. Its rare when im late. If im late im late the most 3 days. It so happen that I didnt get my period last month, I took 2 home pregnancy tests and they were negative. Now im two weens late this month and idk why. At frist Imy hustband just thought I skipped my period due to the fact I stopped my birth control but this is two periods in a row. The pregnant question is out since I took the tesst 3 weeks after my missed period. Its NOT too soon for both to show negative.
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