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SAHM or Working Mom?
Did you (or will you) stop working and be a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)? Why or why not? Any regrets in your decision, like do you find yourself wanting to go back to work, or in the middle of a meeting do you wish you were home instead? What would you tell other mom-to-bes who are considering being a SAHM - do it or not?

Best of both world's

Posted by: Lola27 on Mon Jun 27, 2011
Im a mother of two boys, 7 and 5. Before I had my oldest I worked, when I gave birth to my oldest son, I ended up staying at home for five years. When I had my youngest, once again I stayed home. I worked for six months in 2009 and I felt so relieved to get out and away ( know it sounds bad!) Now that they are starting there school years, and all the years of being home, cleaning up after three kids (including the hubby!) Plus the animal we own (enough!) I sometimes feel like I'm more of a maid then wife and mother. Its all repetition on a daily bases, when it comes to cleaning and all the house chores, that I do at times feel I would love to go back to work in a heartbeat. Then again I would like to stay home and pick up the kids, teach them at home, and have another child. So it's hard to work, come home and do everything, and its hard staying home and doing everything! When I worked I felt as if I was missing out on my boys. Its a hard decision to make when you want the best of both worlds!!
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