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You, TTC, and Your Partner
Your Trying to Conceive partner is, of course, there physically. Is he also emotionally supportive, especially if you get a BFN when you hoped this would be the month? Is he open to on-going TTC related talk when you want/need it?

Human Growth Hormone and Cut Pituitary Gland Years Ago

Posted by: limabean86 on Fri Feb 18, 2011
Just wondering if anyone possibly knows an answer to this or has dealt with it themselves. When my husband was around 15 or so, he had to have jaw surgery to correct an overbite and they widened his upper palate. The doctor accidentally cut his pituitary gland. They started noticing he wasn't getting facial hair and stuff a bit later, so he was on human growth hormone until he was 21. He's now 28. When we ask the doctors if we can conceive, they beat around the bush and say (TMI ALERT) his testicles are normal feeling, so until we've tried for a year w/ no success, they won't do a SA. The end... no other explanations or possibilities. All we want is for someone to explain the ups and downs. Something like "Well, it can, but since everything feels normal, I'm not worried." We would even be happy with "Yes, let's explore other conception options." We just want to know one way or the other so we haven't wasted a year. Does anyone think this could be affecting his count? We were TTC for about 3 months and stopped due to job frustrations and started again about 4 months ago. Wondering if this could be the problem, but they still won't test him. Any advice?
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