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You, TTC, and Your Partner
Your Trying to Conceive partner is, of course, there physically. Is he also emotionally supportive, especially if you get a BFN when you hoped this would be the month? Is he open to on-going TTC related talk when you want/need it?

SA looks good, but no sperm?

Posted by: ald on Sat Jan 8, 2011
Okay. So my husband and I have been trying for over a year with no luck. On my regular scheduled annual exam with the Gyn in Nov he referred us to a fertility specialist. So begins the bevy of fertility tests. Everything seems to be checking out fine- I'm ovulating, my husbands SA is 179 million, BUT when they did a post-coital test (taking a sample of the CM the day after BDing) there was no sperm found.

Has anyone had any experience with this? I've been trying to Google and found that I could have antibodies attacking the sperm which is why I haven't gotten preggo.

We don't go back to the doctor for another week or so. The nurse was hinting at the fact that he might suggest an IUI.
Anyone else been thru something like this?
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