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Mom and Intro to Periods
How would you say your mom did during your early period years? Exceptional job, making you feel comfortable with your period? Or could she have used some work in that department? Will you do things differently if you have a daughter?

Could have used some major work

Posted by: Maddie72188 on Tue Jan 19, 2010
I love my mom, the only thing about her i would change, is how she dealt with periods and sex, everything else I know (looking back) she did for my own good (though hard to see at the time). She used pads, so she thought i should, she refused to buy me tampons, because they weren't comfortable for HER. My first experience with tampons (i bought myself) was awful, the beginner's pack didn't explain it correctly, so I ended up with the cardboard still on, and inside me (ouch). I figured it out about two years later, but until then it was a tramautic experience (lucky for me my periods never were regular.) When i have a daughter, I will do things VERY differently and be more open with her about tampons and pads, etc.
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