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Feminine Protection Usage
What was the first type of feminine protection you used - pads, tampons, menstrual cup? Do you still use the same feminine protection, or did you switch completely - when, why?

My awful journey, forced pads and cardboard tampons

Posted by: Maddie72188 on Tue Jan 19, 2010
I first got my period at 11, I used a pad but didn't really like it, having no close female relatives around at the time i didn't learn about tampons until later (my mom strictly used pads), I asked my mom to buy me some tampons, but she refused so i was FORCED to wear pads, lucky for me my periods weren't regular. I didn't start using tampons until i was around 17 and bought my own (I swam a LOT during the summer), problem was on the "beginner's" pack, they didn't properly explain how to use a tampon, so I ended up putting it in with the cardboard still on (ouch). I felt frustated. My mom was never the type to talk about periods or sex etc. I finally figured it out when i was around 19, now 21 (my SO thought it was funny, his mom gave him TMI about stuff like that, i was tramuatized) and have been a almost strict tampon user since, only using pads at night. I haven't tried the menstrual cup, though i'm curious. I'll explain WAY more to my daughter then my mom did to me.
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