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Early Pregnancy Signs
What were your first signs that you were pregnant? Did you know before your pregnancy test was positive, or before you were late? If your pregnancy symptoms clued you in, what were they - Nausea, spotting, fatigue, elevated BBT temp, cravings (for what?), some or all of these plus more?

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false positive?

Posted by: hopingsoon on Fri Oct 2, 2009
Ok so me and my boyfriend have been ttc for about four months now.At one point thought i was pregnant took the test 4 out of 5 said positive got so day AF showed but it was really painful to the point to were i'd be lasted three days then literally the next day was my Dr. appt to confirm things so i figure what the heck may as well just be sure when they called they said it was negative..So i'm just wondering has any one experienced that many false positives?
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