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Early Signs of Pregnancy?
Think you could be pregnant? What early pregnancy signs and symptoms are you having? Have you taken one or more pregnancy tests yet (early pregnancy tests before your missed period, or after you're late...)? If negative, have you checked in with the doc yet?

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Early Signs of Pregnancy?
Implantation or period
My last period was dec 7th 2014. I have not gotten my period this month but noticed bleeding exactly 10 11 days after my period was late. it started yesterday but unlike my usual period thin, no clots, stopped late tonight. would this be implantation or a deff period?
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Early Signs of Pregnancy?
very early symptoms
I've been married almost a full month. I was supposed to start my AF the day of the wedding but didn't (which is unusual because they are fairly regular.) I spotted for two and a half days half a week after my AF should have started. Two weeks later I started getting nauseated when my hubby was talking about certain foods, SUPER sore nipples, blue veins popping up on my breast, super tired, bloated stomach, feeling like I have to pee every 5 min,feeling like I'm going to cry/yell/laugh my guts out all in the same hour, very mild cramping, craving foods I hated a month ago and getting really dizzy. I took hpt at the two and a half week mark and it was negative. Took a few more since then and they have all been negative. I am so sure that I am pregnant, but all the tests say no. Is it all in my head? I dont usually get pms until my AF, but this stuff has lasted for over two weeks. I am not due for my AF for a couple more days... but I still wonder.
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Early Signs of Pregnancy?
Pms or pregnancy cramps?
My period is not due for 2 more days, I've been having really bad cramps for the past 3-4 days and breasts have been sore and sensitive. Everything I read so far says pregnancy cramping is mild and what I've been feeling is not mild at all. Usually I only get cramps a day or two before my period And rarely have the breast sensitivity as a pms symptoms. Don't want to take a test until I'm officially late. Has anyone else felt similar symptoms and end up being pregnant? No nausea, which is what I had with my first pregnancy
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Early Signs of Pregnancy?
am i pregnant
im usually a 25 day cycle my last period was dec 15 and i havent recieved my jan 9 period yet i took a pregnancy test but showed up negative .. can i be pregnant or is my period just messed up because theres an extra week (5week) in this month of jan
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Early Signs of Pregnancy?
Cramps & Fatigue After Barely Missed Period
My cycle is normally between 30 and 32 days long. I believe I ovulated on day 15. On day 19, I was in a somewhat mild but stressful car accident. No one was hurt and my only injuries were mild seatbelt injuries which my chiropractor is handling, but I was afraid that the stress of the accident would end any possibility of pregnancy this month. On day 32, the latest day I'd expect my period, I had very light spotting. I assumed my period was starting. But there was no spotting after that. On day 34, I got a little dizzy and slightly nauseous after lunch, which continued off and on throughout the day, and I was irritable, emotional, had cramps, backache, and started breaking out in acne. I thought that I was either setting up for a doozy of a period, or pregnant. Then on day 35, I got a positive pregnancy test. :) I am now day 36, hoping to get in to see my provider tomorrow. I've been tired and mild-moderate cramping all weekend. The cramps have scared me a little, but from everything I read online, cramps are normally unless they REALLY hurt. So hoping for the best!!! And hoping the cramps and fatigue go away soon!
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Early Signs of Pregnancy?
Hello everyone,

I am currently 12dpo with my AF due to start in two days. I took a PTest at 10dpo and got a stark white negative. However, I have been feeling slightly nauseous, tired and my sense of smell has increased so much I could tell that my hubby had a pint at lunch time, 7 hours and two meals later! I am planning on testing when I am two days late IF my AF doesn't show (which I am PRAYING it wont!). I have a runny nose and sore achy lower back but I'm pretty sure I had this last month too- this is my 3#ttc with a regular cycle as the month prior I came off of my mini pill.

Hopefully the evil witch doesn't show her face! Sending baby dust to all ***********

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