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Could I be pregnant?
Are you late or are you in the two-week-wait? Have you taken a pregnancy test? Any signs of pregnancy, or that AF is on the way?

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Could I be pregnant?
Late,Cramping,Bloaty,negative pg tests
I Ovulated on December 1st,I was expecting my Menstrual Cycle on Monday,but nothing so far. In the past few day's I've felt cramping but not much else. I'm exhausted but with my past history of Lupus it's pretty much normal. I keep thinking OK,I'll wait and see if my cycle start's. I have tested twice 1 on Sunday and 1 on Monday with Negative reading's.
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Could I be pregnant?
Not sure what's is happening!
I have been struggling with my cycles for a while--- anywhere from 27-34 day cycles, with an average of 8 of 9 days of bleeding.

The past few months, they have started to even out. A gynaecologist suggested that I may have Abnormal/ Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding and wanted me to have tests done on the 3rd day of my period to see if my pituitary gland and ovaries were communicating. Well, the 3rd day of my period hasn't arrived because it's day 36 now and all I've had is very little, bright red spotting on day 30. I was expecting my period anytime between day 28-31.

I have taken two negative pregnancy tests: one on day 32 and one on day 34. Still nothing. My husband has me a bit paranoid because now he's even wondering if I'm pregnant.

Has anyone been through this before?

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Could I be pregnant?
Strange Period
I just wanted to see what others thought of my situation before I get nervous! Not to say that another little one running around wouldn't be awesome, because it would be much welcomed.

Last month I had my period on June 15th. It was 25 days apart from the previous month. It lasted 7 days. This month, I had literally a 1/2 inch spot of barely any blood on July 12th (which is 28 days apart from the start of the last period). After that initial spotting I have no bled anymore at all...thoughts?

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Could I be pregnant?
Hi every one,:-) im ttc i just got married and i have always had normal period flows from heavy to light but this week i have had a very very very very light period with no type of clots, the blood is light pink to brown through out the day....I am on cycle day 6, i have been using tampons and the tampon hasnt got soaked like my other cycles, it only has 1 or 2 spots of pink. I have never experienced a light cycle like this before, that is why i am concerned "what if?" any comments or simularities?? Please comment......thank you and god bless :-)

Oh btw im 31years old and i have 2 children ages 12 & 5.. Had them easily no complications

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Could I be pregnant?
My period is 3 days late. I know that's not super long but I have been very fortunate to have had a regular cycle since I started having could set a watch by my periods. Anyways, I have taken 2 tests (one the day my period was due and one this morning) and they were both negative. I had none of my usual PMS symptoms and right now, I feel a little sick to my stomach and I have mild cramping.

I'm feeling rather frustrated. I can't concentrate on my work or much of anything else. I'd rather just know; if my period is simply late, I'd much prefer she come now than drag me through this mess any longer.

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Could I be pregnant?
I am 10 days late, and I have a 38 day cycle. My hubby and I are TTC, have been for 8 months. 8 months ago I came off BC and we have had no luck. I am usually regular and cant recall being late. My last period started Jan. 5. I had random spotting Feb. 7 but only 2 times and it was only on the toilet paper. I have had sever headaches, some nausea, back pain, stomach pressure, and the urge to pee a lot more than usual. I have taken several HPT's and I keep getting negative results. Any advice, thoughts, insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Could I be pregnant?
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