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Could I be pregnant?
Are you late or are you in the two-week-wait? Have you taken a pregnancy test? Any signs of pregnancy, or that AF is on the way?

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Could I be pregnant?
Possibly pregnant after birth control?
Okay, this may be sort of long. I was on the pil (low dose Minastrin) and missed 2 or 3 sometime 1/13 - 1/15. I went to my doctor and told her about it and that I just feel like my hormones are off and she changed me to Nuvaring. I put it in immediately 1/21 and proceeded with sex life as normal. I have not had a period in about 5 or 6 months on the pill and only had a little spotting on 1/18 and 1/19 about 6 days after taking out the ring. I took out my ring for good the other day .

I have had collostrum looking discharge from my breasts for almost 3 weeks, small red spots on my skin that do not itch or hurt for 2 weeks or more, occasionally my breasts/nipples tingle or hurt (but not achy). I've had a lowered immune system (viruses), increased sex drive. I don't feel nauseas like a I did with my first two pregnancies, or extremely fatigued. I am colder than normal. I actually feel slightly happier and more patient than normal lol. I am known to feel like I might be pregnant and test often so I keep telling myself that it's the same this time.

I have had negative pregnancy tests and a negative blood test as late as 2/25. I started ovulation tests since I'm not on bc anymore and not particularly trying to get pregnant.

Any thoughts for me? Possible pregnancy or truthfully negative?

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Could I be pregnant?
Late, negative pregnancy test
I am officially 8 days late as of today, have had extremely sore breasts, frequent urination, nausea and dizziness, but my test this morning was negative. I had some cramping last week but then never started, I haven't even spotted a little bit. Could I still be pregnant?
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Could I be pregnant?
Cramping 9 days before period due, wtheck?!
Im a bit confused this month. There is a chance im preggers, a small chance but a chance none the less. I dont usually have pms cramps, i cant remember the last time I did. Now im 9 days away from my period and ive got some mild cramps! Thats crazy early imo!! So could it be due to pregnancy???? ikd, i just hope i get answers soon, either from mother nature or clear-blue easy.... Anyone have regular menstral cramps this early????
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Could I be pregnant?
concerned about my period
I had my period on the 21 of December 2014 and my periods last for 3 days, now i have started my period on the 12 January 2015 and it only lasted for 2 days. I'm not sure whats the problem, please help and explain if its normal
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Could I be pregnant?
Dont know why Im doing this to myself
My husband and I have been together 8 years im 27 and he is 36. I've hade unplanned pregnancies that all ended my daughter I deliver at almost five months in 2007 loosing her was the hardest!!! this cycle was the first that we've had where we agreed we'd not prevent... I'm so excited no condoms no bc just what ever happens... while he doesn't know I know how to chart cm to make sure we were intimate my fertile week I do and while I've told him I'm not in a major rush to get pregnant I AM... i feel i cant share this with him bc i know how bad he wants kids and I'm afraid I might have problems again (tho the miscarriages were back to back we were told to wait he didn't and I was stressed) I wonder if i can have a full term pregnancy if I can just let go and let God be in control

To want to fill a void for 8 years is so hard and now that their aren't any excuses. I wonder if I will fail.

So here I sit thinking that everything I'm feeling is a pregnancy symptom that if I'm one day late surely Im pregnant but I probably stressed my cycle out of wack I want to be pregnant so bad but right now a tiny piece just wants aunt flo to just come n break my heart so I can get it over with

To get a baby on the first month is a bit much to hope for but surely after all the lost and pain I can have a bit of mercy??????

my friends and family have tons of kids no one I know can relate my mom has five kids two sets of twins I'm a twin my siblings together have 20 kids hence y I chose the name missalone =[

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Could I be pregnant?
Nervous to get my hopes up
Ok so I'm late I think and hope! We've been TTC for 2 years on and off but more seriously since we got married in May. I had a blood test at the doctors last month to see if I ovulate but they couldn't tell as the test might not have been done on the right day, my husband also had a sperm test but that was also inconclusive and he has to have it again in 3 months, not sure why. My cycle lengths have varied since - 28, 26, 29, 27, 26, 26, 29, 24 and last month was 25, my last period was on 6th December 2014 which if I count correctly is 31 days today! Now I've previously been late, well what I thought was late but as soon as I start thinking about taking a test I get my period :o( We want this so bad but I'm very afraid to even think more into this, we haven't been overly trying this past month but i suppose it only takes once. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice?

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Could I be pregnant?
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