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Fertility Charting

Enhanced Fertility
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The charts and reports on this page were formerly part of Premium Fertility,
a premium service. They are now completely FREE!
Online BBT Charting tool

BBT Chart

View your Basal Body Chart for any of your tracked fertility cycles. Overlay BBT charts to compare fertility cycles. BBT Chart Room to share/discuss your charts with other TTCers.
Fertility Cycle Phases Report

Fertility Cycle Phases Report

Detailed report shows your follicular and luteal phases correlated to its corresponding menstrual cycle.
Fertility Phase (Luteal and Follicular) Comparison Chart

Fertility Cycle Phase Comparison Charts

Compare your fertility cycles: The side by side phases chart compares follicular phase and luteal phase lengths; the phase pattern chart shows timelines of these phases to compare across ovulation cycles.
Fertility Activity Chart/Report

Fertility Activity Chart/Report

Provides an excellent view into your fertility cycles: ovulation cycle activity, ovulation testing, pregnancy test results, notes and more. All in relation to your period and where you were in your menstrual cycle.
Night Table Fertility Notepad

Night Table Fertility Notepad

Print a fertility notepad and keep it bedside to fill in your BBT and other ovulation signs. Then transfer your info into MyMonthlyCycles when it's more convenient.

Calendar Marker/Appointment Report

View or print your calendar markers and appointments for the selected date range.
Menstrual Cycle Notepads

My History Reports

(left menu) has many more fertility reports and charts!
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