Yesseniaa's My Pregnancy Wish

Dear god,

You know my husband and I have been TTC for 2+ yrs naturally. As u know, I have been diagnosed with PCOS. We will start doing treatments in July, and thanks to U, because we now will be covered under our insurance plan for fertility treatments. You know, we would not have been able 2 afford treatments w/out your help. I feel that you are blessing us, by giving us this opportunity that not very many ppl get. So I now ask u to keep blessing us and send us a nice and healthy baby. Amen

Wish came true!

I Have become prego. I am now 2 months and 2 weeks.... i'm still not out of the clouds yet still need to wait at least 3 more weeks till i'm more in the clear. But thank god I am prego! I hope I am able to keep this pregnancy!

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