redrebel's TTC after m/c Wish

God grant me serenity..

2X miscarriages, one on my birthday and a tubal pregnancy, surgery for chronic abdominal pain found no reasons. Everyone is pregnant or have children, I just want to scream and ask lord why? I'm sorry for everything I've done wrong! I'm can't tell my husband because he is just as sad as I am about it. I can not take one more person saying it will be or you'd be great parents.

I wish for peace and understanding, and prayers that this life is not filled with sadness.

Wish came true!

no my wish did not come true, giving up b/c of pain from adenomyosis &pelvic adhesion disease & Hydrosalpinx after years of being told they couldnt find anything wrong.there is no serenity only torturous pain. i'm 34 & hysterectomy is on 4/3

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