redrebel's TTC after m/c Wish

misscarried on my birthday, this was my 2nd m/c 3rd pregnancy. First m/c was exactly 1 year & 1 month to the date before this m/c I have been with my husband for ten years this april...he is wish is simple.....I want peace. I want no more sorrow, or fear..I just don't want to care anymore...and I don't know how. I especially don't want to be so jealous of my friends...I wish this year on my birthday ten months from now...I will be smiling..instead of crying like these last two.

Wish came true!

no bfp...but I had a great birthday blessed with a new job, had surgery and found out I didnt have endometriosis was put on bc now off and been ttc for five months. I wish that I could see that bfp...but mostly that little heart beat

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