Wishes That Came True

Below are wishes that have come true - MyMonthlyCycles members now expecting their first baby or pregnant with their next, and more! Click a wish and see how it's come true!

  • My husband and I have been t... [Trying To Conceive] more
  • I'm a mother of 2 beautiful ... [Trying To Conceive] more
  • wishing to conceive a health... [Trying To Conceive] more
  • I wish that I will conceive ... [TTC after m/c] more
  • My husband and I have finall... [My Pregnancy] more
  • Im almost 7 wks pregnant wit... [My Pregnancy] more
  • I lost my son to Trisomy 18 ... [Trying To Conceive] more
  • just found out that I may ha... [TTC after m/c] more
  • Please lord help us to conce... [Trying To Conceive] more
  • Please don't let my period s... [Trying To Conceive] more
  • Day 35 w/no period and hopin... [Trying To Conceive] more
  • I wish to become pregnant an... [Trying To Conceive] more
  • I wish to get pregnant and b... [Trying To Conceive] more
  • Dear God, Waiting on my blo... [Trying To Conceive] more
  • dear good PLEASE i been cryi... [Trying To Conceive] more
  • Dear Holy Spirit,Holy Father... [My Pregnancy] more
  • Its been 3 months sience I l... [TTC after m/c] more
  • I wish to have patience and ... [Trying To Conceive] more
  • Still trying for our second ... [Trying To Conceive] more
  • Been ttc for the last 4yrs, ... [Trying To Conceive] more
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How to mark your wish came true:

  1. Go to your wish list page (Or, click Make a Wish above, right)
  2. Edit the wish that came true
  3. Set Has your wish come true? to Yes, and, optionally, add a note!