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Conception Ambiguities

Anyone else experiencing this too? BFN pregnancy test when AF still hasn't shown, keeping you guessing: am I pregnant or not?! Along with symptoms that make you think you're pregnant where you can't decide: am I hoping too hard...or are these for real pregnancy symptoms?

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Posted by: ladyinwaiting on May 12, 2013
Conception Ambiguities

Period 4 days late, certain I am not pregnant

Not sure if this is the right place to post but... Last month I had a normal period. I had unprotected sex but it was days after ovulation (not TTC so not charting going by estimated ovulation date in ovulation calendar) I am currently 4 days late and no usual signs that AF is not coming. I have not been stressed nor have i been excessively exercising. My periods are very regular. Any ideas?

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Posted by: Greeneyedmoma87 on Apr 25, 2013
Conception Ambiguities

So Confused! Late and having no symptoms...

Hey everyone 25 year old mommy here..Ok so my last period was on March 4-8 2013..Here it is April 25th and nothing..Im not having any symptoms which with my first child I never experienced any until I was 3 months along.He is 6 years old now and I never found out I was pregnant with him until I was 2 months along, kept getting BFNs so thought my cycle was messed up..Which with my first son my last cycle was the first week in March same asright now..So If I am pregnant that would be so funny..The only thing I have noticed is like every other day I have cramps like you would have before you start and the next day nothing. Also about a week ago very slippery CM and I did notice some stretchy mucus and that lasted for about 3 days..Anyway I tested on April 21 and it was a BFN..So I dont know if it was too soon or if my mind is just thinking I am..Anybody elsegoing through the same thing and ended up with a postive..I will def.let yall know what happens..

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Posted by: B2 on Apr 18, 2013
Conception Ambiguities

symptoms but still no bfp

Im a little periods come between 26-29 days. However in march I had a very strange cycle. For me 5 days with spotting only on day 5 is normal but in march it was spotting for 3 days and heavy for 1 and left for a total of 4 days. Now its cd28 and I feel a but nauseated when I think of what to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The only thing I can eat with this feeling coming on is grits and I dont even eat them ever since I was a little girl. I've also been a little sluggish and a little too nice for my liking... but still no bfp.

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Posted by: niff on Apr 16, 2013
Conception Ambiguities

Late period but no symptoms of pregnancy or period

My cycles for the last two years have been 27-28 days in length, except for one cycle two years ago that was 40 days. Last month my cycle was 34 days and currently I am on day 38 of this months cycle. I had some mild cramps last week like af was coming and a lower back ache as well. Then nothing for three days, now I have slightly and I mean barely noticeable sore breasts. Any thoughts on what might be going on with me?

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Posted by: PinkQu33n86 on Mar 14, 2013
Conception Ambiguities

Late, positive pregnancy test, then negative

im not trying to concieve though my period was supposed to come on the 10th and it's already the 14th!!! I took a pregnancy test when i was a day late and it was positive than i took another one the next day and it was negative and AF still hasnt came yet and i have been feeling sick and just moody and tired.

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Posted by: 3299jk on Feb 12, 2013
Conception Ambiguities

Second cycle after childbirth, CD 39,19 DPO, no AF

Wondering if anyone has been or is in a similar situation.
I finally got a period Jan. 4 since giving birth 16 months earlier (I breasfeed my daughter still hence the long time)
It was completely normal in every aspect in that it was exactly like the old days, every day of it was just like it used to be. So I figured everything was back in order.
I followed closely in the days after my AF and found that I ovulated around CD 21, I had all of the appropriate ovulation symptoms and positive opk.

Here is where it gets strange: shortly after ovulation I had two weeks of menstrual cramping, severe bloating, and very creamy cm, the cramps have dissipated now but gas, bloating and cm still remain and now I'm on CD 39 with only negative HPTs.

Before I got pregnant my AF was always consistent with a cycle of 31 days like clockwork and since every other part of my period this time was like the old days I assumed that my cycle would be as well which would make me 6 days late.

What are others' experiences getting back into their cycles after pregnancy or during breastfeeding? Is any one else this late or experiencing these kinds of symptoms? Is there a chance I may still be pregnant and it's still to early to know for sure?
And why on earth would I have so much CM after ovulating and for such a long length of time?

Getting very confused!

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