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Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Which PMS symptoms do you get? Are your symptoms tolerable or really disruptive? How do you deal with PMS, and what, if anything, helps you the most?

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Posted by: PatientMommie on Apr 6, 2011
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Dislike Aunt Flow

7 days late + negative pregnancy tests = Aunt Flow may arrive..

And yes she did.. Aunt flow is visiting me and ugh she is a mean one. Cramps, headaches.. kids bothering me lol.. telling my husband to shut up but he understands.

Chocolate becomes my favorite too.
Next month will try again.

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Posted by: elihope on Feb 7, 2011
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome


i get very agitated and its hard to deal with cuz i have three boys to deal with. lol. im really thinking of a mild antidepressant my ob told me i could take. she said i could take it like 10 days a month right before my period. im also a jogger that helps me alot!!!! i really look forward to it everyday.

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Posted by: Sarah2010 on Aug 9, 2010
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Mean Aunt Flo

I had an IUD for three years and never had a period. I had it taken out in March so that we could start trying to have a baby. before the iud i never had pms. when i got my period it would be a piece of cake and it would be over in a couple of days. However now i think that Aunt Flo is mad because she hasnt been invited to visit the three years prior. Cause she is coming back with a vengance. i now get the worst pms ever to the point that i dont even want to be around me. i am mean, short with people (and i am normally happy all the time) and i want to eat everything in front of me. This last period i gained 10 pounds. My breast hurt so bad and my cramps are even worse. I have tried Midol and pretty much every over the counter pill you can buy. I use a heating pad to help with the back aches that are so bad i feel like i could pass out. Any suggestions on how to deal with this and how to make it go back to before IUD????

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Posted by: 602Love on Jul 20, 2010
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose solves all the issues all natural capsule pill. Price no more then 6.00 at local grocery stores. I take two pills at night and two in the day time 5 day before my period and I have no PMS at all. Nothing.

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Posted by: Espitia on Jun 7, 2010
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Progestrone cream is my cure for PMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My cure to get rid of PMS symptoms is to use Progestrone cream. It is a natural hormone that our bodies produce when we ovulate, but decreases after ovulation. I started using the cream about two weeks ago and I have not had my usually PMS symptoms of bloating and irratability. I honestly can say that I feel so normal even though I am scheduled to start my period tomorrow. All your doing is replacing the hormone in your body to balance it out. All you do is rub the cream on your lower stomach from the day you Ovulate til you start your period and thats all. I encourage any woman to research this natural hormone and so you can experience the relief I have.

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Posted by: LumbeeLover on Dec 14, 2009
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Drinking water helps the cramps!

I came to find out that Drinking a cold bottle of water helps with menstral cramps. Drinking the water flushes everything out and boom the cramps are gone!

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