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Early Pregnancy Signs

What were your first signs that you were pregnant? Did you know before your pregnancy test was positive, or before you were late? If your pregnancy symptoms clued you in, what were they - Nausea, spotting, fatigue, elevated BBT temp, cravings (for what?), some or all of these plus more?

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Posted by: Minzy on Sep 13, 2009
Early Pregnancy Signs

TOO early???

When I was preg with my son I had no symptoms just had a feeling I was pregnant (We were not trying- completely unexpected). I took a test two days before expected period and got a positive result. This time we are TTC and my period is not expected until 9/22. The past two days I have had that same feeling as with my first pregnancy. I also have had so much watery discharge that I go running to the bathroom to check. I OV between 9/7- 9/9. Could this be an early sign or is it just way too early??

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Posted by: Betty1981 on Sep 11, 2009
Early Pregnancy Signs

Period and needed!!

Hi, i had a miscarage in may/june this year and finally had a period in july, i haven't had one this month i was due on the 3rd of the month and haven't come on, i had a BFN and haven't had any symptoms, my periods arn't regular but for the first time as far as i can remember i am getting ovulation symptoms so me and my hubby are going for it like rabbits!!

Does anyone know if you still ovulate even if you don't have a period, im so confused and not having regular periods make it harder and i don't know wether i could even catch this month due to not having a period.

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Posted by: salsa on Sep 10, 2009
Early Pregnancy Signs

have you got a clue?

I was hoping to find someone with my same symptoms. Here's my story:
I had unprotected sex on August 12th. I was supposed to ovulate on the 27th...right around this time I felt a sharp pain to my stomach, got a huge headache and a bit dizzy (so bad that I had to leave work). Headache lasted approximately two days. Then I started spotting brown and very light! My breast are sored, have felt very slow and dumb!, hair is falling out like crazy and a bit tired. I would be 4 weeks right now, but took a test last night and came back negative....also, I drink a LOT of green tea which I just found out is not good for pregnancies. Anyone have any info to give me that might help? I'm so confused!

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Posted by: npena98 on Sep 10, 2009
Early Pregnancy Signs

Could I be Pregnant

I oluvated on 8-24-8-28. I am suppose to get m period today but no signs. I do have alot of nausia and my back hurts a lot I also have a headache. Do you think this coud be sign of pregnancy or how long should I wait to get a preganancy test

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Posted by: sly80 on Sep 5, 2009
Early Pregnancy Signs

Before the test was positive

I knew before the test said positive..I was in the kitchen, my son in the livingroom eating penutbutter captin crunch..I could smell that and it made me sick..Same thing happened with my daughter..I was so tired,wanted to sleep all the time..Makes it hard I have a 7 month old girl..This wasn't planned..

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Posted by: sassyrae on Sep 4, 2009
Early Pregnancy Signs

cramping early

Hello ladies! I'm hoping someone can give me a little insight here. My ovulation time was around 8/26 - 8/30. I'm not due for my period until 9/11 but have had some light cramping yesterday and today. Any thoughts on if this could be an early pregnancy symptom? I'm sure I'll just have to wait and see but if you've experienced this before, please share your story with me.


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