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No Periods, Less Periods

Period suppression is currently a very hot topic. Will you (or do you already) take prescription meds to stop your period, or to have less periods a year? Why or why not?

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Posted by: topanga on Sep 9, 2010
No Periods, Less Periods

Am i pregnant? weird period

I was late 2 weeks on my period in July and it came 1 week early in Aug and now i got it on time and its very light and dont have to change my pad alot ,, usually on my 3rd day i am usually heavy but i am still light and i been cramping and it hurts like i am bleeding heavy but not much , just light pink ,, what do you think? Think im pregnant? and i been getting heartburn, headaches and hungry on and off ,, So what do you think of this? ITs confusing me!

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Posted by: merime on Oct 30, 2009
No Periods, Less Periods

My own hell on earth thanks to BC

I had been on and off pretty much every birth control pill on the market and even tried the ring for a while, got depo pretty much everything short of IUD starting at age 13 due to PCOS (at that age it was just to control the cysts since they had no clue it was PCOS til I was 19). I stopped taking any form of synthetic hormone when I was 23 cuz I noticed that while it didn't stop the cysts or really regulate my cycle at all I was MISERABLE. I would get severe PMS and gain weight or have terrible cramps and tons of bleeding. The bad thing is even after stopping the synthetic hormones none of these things got better. Right now I am 29 and my mood swings have gotten so bad that while my close family loves me they don't like me, I can't have a real relationship due to the intensity of my mood swings, I am bed ridden for the first 3 days of my period every single month due to cramps, I bleed so heavy that I end up having to change pads (tampons just fall right out since they get so soaked so fast) every 1-2 hours, and I struggle every single day to control my weight (I've lost about 70lbs in the last year and had to work seriously hard to do that but still need to get rid of about 30lbs more). I seen more GYN's than that lady with 18 kids to try to help me and find a non-synthic hormone solution but all except the last one have all said the only thing they can do is give me BC and have me wait for menopause.
At 29yrs old I found a doctor with a solution-a full hysterectomy. So right now I am waiting for the medical ethics review board to tell the doc that even tho I'm young and have no kids this is my only chance to live a "normal" life. All thanks to years of accepting the doctors orders of taking BC to "help" me.
Be careful what you wish for ladies. Wanting a pill or shot to make your period go away for a while could lead to no kids, no uterus, no ovaries and years of a living hell.

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Posted by: sandy80 on Jul 22, 2009
No Periods, Less Periods

Preg or body just adapting?

I am nursing. My daughter is 11 months old. June 22nd I had my first period since I had her. It was horrbile. The heaviest I have even had. I am still nursing. I thought based on a 28 day cycle I should have started last weekend. I have had PMS and bad cramps for a week now. No period! I tested and its neg. Could I be preg or could my body just be planning tricks on me? How long does it take to get regular after baby and nursing?

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Posted by: elimee on Apr 21, 2009
No Periods, Less Periods

No Franken-Periods for Me, Thanks!

The idea of suppressing or altering your period in such an extreme manner absolutely terrifies me! Menstruating is what a woman's body was created to do. I can't even imagine the horrid side effects waiting down the road for women taking these meds, and I know I don't want to find out through first hand experience. What's more, it really saddens me that as a young woman I have been taught by my culture that my period is a gross and shameful thing, a hassle that I should figure out a way to deal with and hide; when in reality we should all be celebrating this glorious connection with the Goddess and Mother Nature. It goes to show you the sort of messed up patriarchy we live in, where we are taught to hate and fight against our bodies under the guise of liberation and freedom. Your period is a symbol of your health and femininity. Celebrate it, don't suppress it!!

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Posted by: alicelizabeth on Apr 19, 2009
No Periods, Less Periods

Longer cycles are overrated.

I don't think I'd take drugs to suppress menses. I'm currently on a weird, 2+ month cycle, and it's driving me crazy! I have no idea when to expect my menses, and it's got me wondering if there's something wrong. I've had my hormones checked and they say everything's OK, but it's awfully hard to tell when my body seems out of whack. I'm currently at 10 weeks since my last period, and I'm unmarried and a virgin so it can't be pregnancy. I'd rather my body just got back to normal, that I'd have a period once a month like I always used to and feel regular again.
I used to think it might be nice to have fewer periods, but it just has me nervous all the time. At least when you're regular you can forget about your periods in the off days. I have to think about it all the time! It's very irritating. Maybe if the condition were drug-induced and predictable it would be better, but I'd personally rather not risk it or have to deal with it. Bring on the 28-day cycle!

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Posted by: tp1383 on Dec 14, 2008
No Periods, Less Periods

It depends...

I am 25 years old. I was on bc pills for about 6 years. I stopped taking them in Jan. of this year. I have been asking people to see how they reacted when they went off the pill. I was taking the pill to not only regulate my period, but for the cramps. I am TTC, but I have only had about 6 periods so far this year...what a pain. I mean, having your period is a pain in itself, but I was actually having a period when on the pill, now it just seemed to stop. It's been about 2 months since I've had a period and will be taking a test tomorrow. I think the scary thing is if it says negative, then what... I have never had a pap test come back bad, so I think that I'm a little scared to go to the doctor. I think that bc pills are a good thing to help women regulate their periods, but pro-longed use of them might create problems. I think that a female should have a period every month to flush out their bodies. I don't agree with the shot or any other method to have less periods. I'm in a dilema as it is just taking the pill...look I want to have a baby and now, I don't think I will without having to take other forms of pills or whatever to help me ovulate. Let's just hope the test tomorrow will come back positive, so I can stop worrying!! Let me know what you think...

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