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Positively Period

Talk menstrual cycle and we talk lots of negatives: period days, cramps, the PMS blues...

But is there anything, or even many things, that you like about your monthly cycles?

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Posted by: anasis83 on Aug 6, 2008
Positively Period

Love my Afs!!!!!!!

I like my period because it gives me reassurance that everything is working the way its supoosed to.

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Posted by: gersuz7879 on Jul 7, 2008
Positively Period

Thank God I have one!

Given the ups and downs and erratic periods I've had over the last 2 years, when I actually get one I'm beyond thrilled. I've even begun to find the horrible cramps somewhat comforting. It helps me to check in with my body and keep track of how I'm functioning. I know that at least one day I may be able to conceive and that's all I care about.

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Posted by: CarrieO on Mar 17, 2008
Positively Period

my view on periods

I like it when I have one. It means I might actually conceive. Someday.

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Posted by: MissLady on Jan 3, 2008
Positively Period

Periods are Pleasing to Me

What I like about my menstrual cycle each month is that I have amazing sleep. I can sleep like a rock every day of my period...seriously. When I was a teenager, I had HORRIBLE cramps and now, since I have been off the pill for 8 months, the cramps have been reduced significantly. Even my cycle has been shortened by 2 days! Yes!!

Finally, I will be trying to get pregnant again next month and the presence of a period means that I am ovulating regularly. I like feeling feminine.

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Posted by: lvg on Dec 31, 2007
Positively Period


It always makes me happy to know that I am not pregnant. That's about all.

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Posted by: Zion on Dec 30, 2007
Positively Period


Back when I first got my period and I was 13, of course didn't like it because it's messy and it smells and it makes your body hurt, it was all new you know. But then, when I got around to being about 16 to 19 I began to like it, because every time it came, that meant I wasn't pregnant. Then 20 to 21, now I'm 21, I don't like it because my husband and I are trying to conceive, so every time it rolls around the time of the month, I be like, "Ah, man." But I also keep in mind, it is a natural thing, I don't want to say I don't like it, because it has to happen in order for any woman to get pregnant, so instead of saying I don't like it, I'll just say, it is what it is.

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