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Feminine Protection Usage

What was the first type of feminine protection you used - pads, tampons, menstrual cup? Do you still use the same feminine protection, or did you switch completely - when, why?

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Posted by: Ginger25 on Oct 8, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage


I still use pads. I have never tried anything else. I started my period when i was 11 and have used them since then.

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Posted by: MellyJC on Oct 2, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

I love forgetting I'm on my period!

I started with pads, as that's what my mom used. Never was fond of them...adhesive sticking to my leg, or it folding over and becoming useless and ineffective...

I got free samples of tampons and pretty much used those only when necessary (like swimming).

But now? Divacup all the way. I have to make sure to trim my nails before putting it in, but it is SO nice to be able to FORGET that I'm on my period! And of course I love that it's better for the environment and less risky than tampons. And cheaper!

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Posted by: Topaz11 on Sep 19, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

pads are a thing of the past!

The first kind of protection I used when I was in middle school was pads and only a few tampons when swimming or whatnot. However, now days, I don't think I've used a pad in many many years. I only use tampons. I switched and probably will never switch back. They're cleaner, last longer and I don't have the constant reminder that AF is around. I do worry about TSS sometimes, but as long as I use the appropriate absorbency level and change them often enough, I feel good about my choice.

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Posted by: Emilybeam on Sep 19, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

I use both pads and tampons

I used pads at first, then switched to pads and tampons...I used the cup for awhile but it always leaked. I love OB tampons and I still use pads and tampons, especially on heavy days.

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Posted by: PBnoJ on Sep 4, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

Something changed my life

Used to use pads, but I swear by mentstrual cup! I wouldn't dare go without it!

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Posted by: Puppet on Sep 3, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

I Love OB!!!

I absolutely love OB tampons!!!! They are the only ones I use as well :)

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