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Feminine Protection Usage

What was the first type of feminine protection you used - pads, tampons, menstrual cup? Do you still use the same feminine protection, or did you switch completely - when, why?

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Posted by: Mamakass on Mar 21, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

Menstrual Cup!

I started with tampons, and they were fine, and I liked them allright. Then my freshman year of college my roommate had a menstrual cup and convinced me to get one to try (because they're wonderful. They don't leak, they are way cheper than anything else, they're better for the environment and you don't have to put chemicals in your body). They are so wonderful. I've convinced all of my friends to get one, and now I barely know any women who use tampons or pads. Everyone should try them.
They take a cycle or two to get used to, so if you decide to try it (which I think you all should) you need to give it a couple cycles before you decide you don't like it.

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Posted by: Lisa0208 on Mar 17, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage


I am a tampon user, the "Kotex" Security brand are my fav. What I'd like to know is, first has anyone here tried the disposible menstural cup and if you have what did you think of it? I just bought a box of them. I didn't have any trouble getting it in place...but, geeze-o-flip what a mess getting the darn thing removed! I used it on day 1 of my period, its a pretty light flo. I wore it for 6 hrs. I figured that maybe I just wore it too long and should have changed it a little sooner. I tried it again and this time only wore it for 3 hrs, and again it was a major mess! Has anyone else had this problem?
I have to say I am going back to my tried and true Kotex tampons...

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Posted by: lovelyp on Mar 17, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

My tampon fiasco

I normally use pads, but then one day I was in the locker room at my school and noticed...I was out of pads!! So I asked my friend if she had any, she said no, like all my other friends, she used tampons, so I decided to use one, and you know what? They're great. I especially love the Pearls:-)

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Posted by: antipms on Mar 16, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

Once you've tried tampons, you'll never go back.

I started off using pads and didn't have any problems with them because I used the ultra thin ones and my flow wasn't heavy. One day while visiting my boyfriend I felt a little bubble down there. I told him an he said his sister had protection but she used tampons. I was against it at first because of my previous drama with them (I couldn't get them in). Well anyway, I had no choice, being I wasn't home, so I tried them and have been using them ever since. I also don't have that messy feeling anymore.

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Posted by: blondehope on Mar 16, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

Never gone back!!!

I started off using pads and hated them. The only reason i started using them was because my mom wouldnt let me use anything else. I always felt like i was wearing a diaper. And i always hated the fact that for 3 or 4 days a month i couldnt get in the river or the pool (me being a river rat!). well then a lady that i nannied for told me that i should start using tampons and i thought i would give them a try. well i did and i havent wore a pad since!!!!

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Posted by: Poohette on Mar 15, 2007
Feminine Protection Usage

Menstrual Cup Fan!

I used pads for the first year of my irregular period life. That was almost 20 years ago, and after spending all these years negotiating with tampons, setting my alarm to wake up to make sure to change it, peeing on the string, excessive cramps, touching things in public bathrooms...

I am in LOVE with my Diva Cup. It's like that cookware commercial, "Set it and forget it." It's much cleaner, smoother and my cramps have magically decreased. I admit, I was really wary of it at first. Didn't seem possible that it could stay in all those hours, and good Lord, the 'getting it in' process was intimidating. I was certain that those testimonials were written by company employees. But alas... I am pleasantly surprised!

I paid $30 for a product I'll use for years, and am saving my monthly tampon money for pedicures... because I deserve them. Go Diva Cup! THANK YOU for making my life easier!

Overall Relate Rating: 7 Ratings

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