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Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Think you could be pregnant? What early pregnancy signs and symptoms are you having? Have you taken one or more pregnancy tests yet (early pregnancy tests before your missed period, or after you're late...)? If negative, have you checked in with the doc yet?

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Posted by: Iwannababyboy on Mar 14, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

I think i might be pregnant

I am having slight cramping. I have been feeling so sick lately. I really notice it after i eat i feel so sick. I have also been feeling really tired. I had to leave school so i could come home and take a nap. I go to the doctor on monday to see whats going on. Oh yeah i missed my period as well. But i have missed my period before because i was stressed back in dec, 09 but my period came just fine in Jan and Feb on time. But not this month and i learn my lesson last time about stressing so i have been doing good. So thats why i really think i could be pregnant. What do u think tho?

I have also been having slight back pains. I am thinking it might be too early to tell.

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Posted by: pinkish12 on Mar 13, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Early Signs? Night Cramps & Sore Nipples?

I've been charting temps for 3 months now and this was the 1st time I was able to pinpoint ovulation and bd on the exact right day.

Here's what's happened since then:

1-2 dpo = nothing

3 dpo = woke up in the middle of the night with strange cramps that were gone by the morning. Bloated during the day.

4 dpo = same strange cramps at night. Bloating still. Took off my bra and my nipples felt like they had been stung by bees.

5-6 dpo = some cramps during the day but they dont feel like af cramps. Also the same weird night cramps, they actually wake me up. Sore nipples. Usually AF makes my breasts tender and swollen but this is only my nipples the rest of my breasts have no pain.

7 dpo = today, minor back cramps. woke up at 6am with weird night cramps that went away as soon as I got out of bed. Still very sore nipples.

Anybody experienced these things? I don't want to get my hopes up but this is in no way normal behaviour for my body. I have done 2 hpt's but it's too early so they are neg. I just have no patience since we've been trying for 4 & a half years.


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Posted by: sunshinebaby23 on Mar 9, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?


My husband and I have been TTC since last July. Not testing body temp, or using fertility medicines but just the old fashioned way. My periods are always about 47 days apart, Plus or minus which makes it a bit more difficult to track ovulation. however this past cycle I believe I was ovulating somewhere around the 20th of Feb. I was supposed to start AF on March 6th. I am now 4 days late and feel very pregnant. My boobs hurt, my nipples are so sensitive, i've completely stopped drinking coffee since it just makes me want to puke.. I usually LOVE coffee!! My face looks like a pizza and my gums are extremely sore.. All in all I feel pregnant. I took 2 OTC test and both came back NEG. One yesterday and one two days before that. I always have a few PMS symptoms but could all of these really just be PMS? or could I be pregnant? Would love any advice

Thank You all in advance

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Posted by: summer88 on Mar 8, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?


I have no idea what to do, I am on day 40 and I haven't gotton my period yet. I have taken two pregnancy test that my friend bought for 99cents because our local pharmacist said they work and thats how she found out she was pregnant. But the test come out negative. I have been using the calendar and its always told me precisely when Im about to get my period and usually right but I havent missed my period for this long. What should I do. I mean the average girl gets her period form 28-42 days right so should I just wait it off??

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Posted by: chorkielver on Mar 2, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Please any advise! Early pregnancy?

I have been TTC for about a year now, every month I think I am pregnant (Im going crazy). Last month I had breast tenderness 4 days before my period came. This month I have had breast swelling and tenderness since 5 days after ovulation (I do the home test kit). I really think I might be pregnant, but hate worring about it everyday, and driving my friends and family crazy. I feel like I can say what is going on, on here, so thanks! What do you think pregnant or going crazy again? And when should I go back to the doctor to see why we arnt getting pregnant?

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Posted by: wnt2bamom on Feb 28, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

HELP PLEASE GIVE ME HOPE, I am running on empty

TTC 7 years now with pcos, hypothyroid and endometriosis. Outlook is well mostly negative. i find it hard to be positive. I have now had 6 regular 28-30 day cycles, post chemical menopause treatment. now I have trouble with temping it and opk's with the thyroid and the pcos, so we jsut wing it, this month our BD frequency was less used to be near once a day.... On CD 19 i had pinkish brown spotting lasted bout 45min to an hour. Now i have never ever had midcycle bleeding. now that its getting closer to AF i find my self very fatigued after little activity and a good nights sleep. Also i was craving chocolate cover mini donuts for 3 days, my cravings don't last 3 hrs much less 3 days. I don't want to test as of today I am still 3-5 days out for AF.

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