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Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Think you could be pregnant? What early pregnancy signs and symptoms are you having? Have you taken one or more pregnancy tests yet (early pregnancy tests before your missed period, or after you're late...)? If negative, have you checked in with the doc yet?

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Posted by: beingpostive on Jan 23, 2013
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Praying that im not obessing and i am pregnant

I have been reading up about this since yesterday and just wanted to know if anyone has experienced early pregnancy symptoms and actually turnt out to be pregnant. I am 3/4 days DPO and have noticed that my breasts have started feeling heavy and slightly swollen. My nipples are so sore, almost raw looking. Once in a blue moon i get tender breast before my period, normally its like a few days before. I am not due on for another 12 days. Call me crazy but i dunno why I feel like i could be actually pregnant after 23 months of trying. I knew it was going to be hard because i had my right tube removed 2 years ago this feb. Any insight would be great thanks x

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Posted by: kmackie1981 on Jan 15, 2013
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Early Pregnancy Symptoms? Or just wishful thinking?

Ok, so when pregnant with my daughter I had nausea from about 5 DPO, fatigue and slight cramping, I then got my BFP at 10 DPO.

I am currently 6 DPO on current cycle which trying for baby no.2 and I have had a second temp spike, I have mild cramping and I was nearly sick when I brushed my teeth this morning.

Anyone else had these symptoms so early?

Don't want to get my hopes up given my cycles have been all over the place recently due to my medication, but so similar to first pregnancy it's scary only thing I don't have yet is partial ferning which I did get with the first pregnancy around 6 DPO.

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Posted by: V_beautiful on Dec 18, 2012
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Pregnant?? OR PMS...

Hi everyone, first thank you for taking the time to read my post. My husband and I TTC for our first time last week, we tried a day before ovulation. I'd say about 2 days later, I felt my MC dry... And ever since friday I'd say I've been dry like this, I believe that usually for me I have lots of discharge after ovulation before my period. I have a 28 day cycle. And most of the time I am right on time with my period. Now since friday I feel cramps on and off, leg pain and headaches... Wondering is there are signs of implantation/ or pregnancy or are these PMS symptoms. Very confused... I still technically have til the 26 of december until I get my period again. Thank you very much in advance.

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Posted by: kanga609 on Nov 27, 2012
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Too impatient for my own good

I had a d&c (blighted ovum) in September. Got AF 39 days after d&c. Got clearance to try again. Today is cycle day 33 and still no AF. Before the mc I was a 30-31 day-er. Took a test 2 days ago - negative. Took another one today and it was negative again. However, when I went to throw it away I noticed either a faint positive or evaporation line. Can't tell which. Immediately took another test, this time with mid day urine. Another negative. Hours later there is no evaporation line or positive. I am driving myself crazy wanting to know. I realize the line on the fmu test is probably an evap line, but after the year I've been through, it would be nice if it's a positive in disguise.

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Posted by: silentdreamer on Nov 18, 2012
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Preg Test:

A year and 8 months after my incomplete m/c I think I'm finally pregnant again! Trying to stay calm. Thursday was CD: 35 for me (I usually run about 31-32 CD per month) Decided to take a urine test and got a faint BFP!

Friday night I'm cramping with on & off discharge, at one point it was quite a few drops, along with a large smear of brown but no clots. I opt to go to local ER and make sure that it's not something else. ER doc comes in and says preg test is the same as the one I got at home Results: "Inconclusive" !! He explains: NEGATIVE test is <5 units of HCG; Inconclusive is 5-25; POSITIVE is 25+ units of HCG in blood stream. My level was a 22. O.O !!

Still worried about having a viable pregnancy, I go home and say to myself, "When God is ready for me to have a baby, he will let that happen.." Don't you know after that my discharge disappears and the cramps lessen up.. I haven't had that brownish discharge since 8pm Friday, which I'm glad because last time I was pregnant my mom (who was an OBGYN nurse for 40+ years kept saying.. "bleeding during pregnancy IS NOT NORMAL!" ) *sigh* So I'm hoping what I had was just some implantation bleeding because I had that brown discharge from about 4 weeks until the day I had my D&C with last pregnancy.

Tomorrow is the day of truth though! First thing in the morning I am taking my 2nd test and it will either be BFN(which means I'm just having a chemical pregnancy), it will be the same faint (not good because in over 48 hours my levels should have come up atleast 3 more units), or it will be a dark BFP!

Will update everyone tomorrow!!

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Posted by: broodylady on Nov 18, 2012
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Please help.. so confused, so worried!

Hi everyone, my first post... I have been preg once before but MC, was twins. First BFP was 2 weeks after my missed period & doc told me my HCG levels were not rising properly.

Its now 7 years later, been with the love of my life for the past 5 years and desperate to start a family! Had some really light spotting on Nov 11, just once when i wiped which is extremely unusual! Also been feeling tired and sick, sore head, cramping since Nov 11 on and off, and quite heavy discharge. AF not due till Nov 29! So I know i cant test yet... Want this so bad, dont know if Im just imagining this, or the spotting can be just something random?

I know this sounds ridiculous but I have seen quite a few psychics over the years and they all said to me I was going to have my first child at this age (with no prompting or prior info!) I cant help but think I have let this get in to my head too much :(

I have also been diagnosed with possible endometriosis, seeing a consultant this week. I worry that due to this I may not be able to carry full term.

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