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Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Think you could be pregnant? What early pregnancy signs and symptoms are you having? Have you taken one or more pregnancy tests yet (early pregnancy tests before your missed period, or after you're late...)? If negative, have you checked in with the doc yet?

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Posted by: natasa981 on May 18, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

hope to be pregnant this time

Hi to all of you girls! I havent noticed any symptom yet but I really hope to be pregnant this time. I am 8 DPO right now and I feel little nausea, my breasts are tender and theyre kind of bloated but it might be the usual PMS symptoms .I think I'll wait this time and not take HPT this early. My period usually lasts 31 days. Anyone in my TTC phase? PLease write, thanx

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Posted by: lb2010 on May 16, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

PMS or Pregnancy symptoms?

I have been feeling a little nausea, going pee a little more often, bloated, a little metallic taste in mouth, and sore breasts. I normally get sore breasts, emotional and flatulence before my periods, but this time it has started very early (2DPO). My breasts seem bigger and are feeling bruised. They hurt when going up and down stairs especially. I may be just PMSing early? Or maybe could this be the month? We have been TTC for several months. My AF isn't due for another 4 days.... Has anyone had these symptoms and actually been pregnant? This 2WW is killing me...

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Posted by: LaurenSutt on May 14, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

12-ish DPO, AF due...HPTs BFNs...

12 DPO (I think) Period due today, but nothing yet! BFNS

Got a + OPK May I am guessing I am 12 DPO. My cycle is 29 days long...due today. When I first stopped my bc, my cycles were longer (32 days) they have gotten closer together and are very regular. I also get spotting a few days before.

So, today my period is due...and I have taken several HPTs...all negative. My boobs have been hurting for over a week. They feel more I worked out. Not the tender feeling I get when I am PMSing.

My question: Even with the most sensitive of tests, might my hcg levels be too low to tell at this point?

I have also noticed blue veins in my breasts - I suppose I could be over-analyzing they might have always been there.

Any thoughts? Good luck to all of you!

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Posted by: Stacecase on May 10, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Up in the Air

I'm kind of up in the air on thinking I might be pregnant, but I doubt I am.
My cycle has been a bit long lately, about 31 days. Currently I am on day 36 of this cycle.
I feel completely normal, no cramps, no spotting, but also no tenderness or anything.
What are the chances that this is early pregnancy vs just stress?
I haven't taken an at home test yet, waiting until the 14th or 15th.

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Posted by: ben10 on May 6, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

missed period

My period is 10 days late. Having cramps since it was due but no sign of it , still have cramps and sometimes on the right side only - breast are sore and very tired - no sickeness. Done the pregnancy test but negative - may be i did it too early!! noticed brown color spotting yesterday but .......

I miscarried twice b4 i had my Son and i am desperate to have another one. could it be stress?? I am going to see the doc next week.

any thoughts????

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Posted by: girlgirl on May 4, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

i kinda know /im pregnant!

My cycle is approximately 5 days late. I have been very emotinal, sin i got up at 830 this mornin Ive cried 3 times, for no reasons and its now 10, I cried the other day. i have pains like my cycle is about to come on but I have had nothing. im kinda hoping and scared at the same time what do you guys think? You preggers and non preggers?

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