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Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Think you could be pregnant? What early pregnancy signs and symptoms are you having? Have you taken one or more pregnancy tests yet (early pregnancy tests before your missed period, or after you're late...)? If negative, have you checked in with the doc yet?

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Posted by: Mbatt86 on Jul 31, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Hoping for #1!!!!

This is frustrating because they always say: Mom's know best. Well my mom thinks I'm pregnant. My last AF was June 30 (medium to light flow and really short) and the one before that was May 30 and was 3 days and really light. I have been sleeping more than usual the past few weeks. I have grown a whole cup size. I'm peeing all day it seems. My boobs are sore off and on all day. I can't even keep my bra fastened at work all day because they get so sore. It hurts to lay on my stomach. I have constipation. And AF is almost a week late. I've taken 2 hpt and they both said negative. My mom told me to wait a few more days and take another one. My cervix hasn't dropped either like it would if AF was on her way. I have had cramping but its off and on all day long.

I go to sleep earlier than usual. I eat way more than usual. I've been having acid reflux, gas, etc. Anybody have any ideas?


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Posted by: CLK5308 on Jul 29, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

2WW! Pregnant? your opinion please??

This is my first time posting. I am currently 4 days away from my due period. However, for the past 5-6 days I have been having consistent mild cramping (dull achy), excess saliva (on and off) and yesterday I just say some small spider veins on my butt/thigh area (first time ever). My cervix is high and firm and closed and wet. From what I found online that "indicates" pregnancy. I have had mild bouts of nausea but that's not uncommon for me as a PMS symptom along with mild dizziness. Hubby and I are not actively trying to conceive ( we use withdrawal for 6 years now) BUT we would be beyond thrilled if we got that lil bundle of joy surprise. What made me think I might be PG was the cramping. I have never had cramping except for the day of my period. Anyone out there offer advice? I place to take a HPT after I am 2-3 days late but would LOVE opinions now! Thank you in advance!!

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Posted by: fitnessgal on Jul 23, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Preggers or Hormones?????

Wondering if preggers or just hormonal.
Last cycle 7/ in the hay 7/17...approx ovulation 7/19 based on CM.

I think it's way to early to tell but I am a small B cup and now have a full C cup in breast size. No other symptoms besides minor fatigue. I have gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks as well. Totally not normal for me. When I was pregnant with my first, I didn't have weight gain until I was several months along. So I don't think that relates to this more to the extra chocolate chip cookies :)) Anyhoo, what's your thoughts. Thanks!

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Posted by: CBKK on Jul 18, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

Very Faint line on HPT..should I believe it?

Hi all!! Baby dust and blessings to us all!! My lmp was 6-23 and yesterday late afternoon I tested and got a positive ovulation strip and a faint line on the pregnancy test. The line was so faint I had to hold it to the light to see it but it's there!! It's still there after drying!! It has light pink color to t. I took another test this morning at 420am and it was a BFN!! My period isn't due for another 4 days. Would you believe the pregnancy test? Also I am having no pregnancy symptoms at all!! Not even sore boobs! The only thing that I have this month that was way different was my sex drive last week!! It was OMG!!!!!! We BD'D like rabits LOL Has anyone had a very early pregnancy test turn out positive way before AF was due and were actually pregnant?

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Posted by: ZacsMomma on Jul 16, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

POAS in a week???

Hi everyone!

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for over six months. (Tho for the six months before that we weren't trying, but not preventing either.) I tried doing the BBT thing, but it was hard for us to do because of varying schedules. With my cycles being so irregular tho, it's hard also to judge when O might occur. This month tho, we've just BD'd a lot...

Now, the 'average' of my cycles is 39 days. (Prolly only because I can't remember one of my periods, and I didn't chart it because we were in the middle of packing for a move.) I am due for AF July 21 for a 39 day cycle.

I have been having 'symptoms' that are not normal for before my AF. I have been having terrible nausea when I first wake up. I've been extremely exhausted. (Going to bed early a lot, and today after doing some grocery shopping, had to take a nap, etc.) I normally get terrible acne before AF, and now it's just normal for during my cycle. Oh, and I normally have extremely sore breasts, and very sensitive nipples, and I don't have that at all!

Every time I go to the bathroom, I check, and no sign of AF. But I have tested twice and gotten BFNs both times. I tested using the Answer early result tests, and am thinking I should try the Dollar Tree test when I test again. I was also thinking I should wait until next weekend before I try POAS again. What do you think???

Thanks for your opinions!

(P.S.- My husband's dad just passed away in May, and if I am pregnant this time around, the baby's due date would be the day after my late fil's birthday... My husband really likes that idea... =0) I hope to be able to tell him that his wish will come true!)

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Posted by: 1015 on Jul 15, 2010
Early Signs of Pregnancy?

am i prego? last period was May 26th, it's july 15th

In 10 years I have never been later. I have taken three pregnancy tests and they have all been negative. Went to the doctor last week, he told me to wait 10 days and take another one.

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