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Contraceptive Choices

From condoms to cervical caps to hormonal rings, patches, and many types of birth control pills, today we have so many contraception options from which to choose!

What birth control do you use? What are your birth control's pros? Its cons? Are you thinking of switching to something else?

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Posted by: ITgirl on Sep 21, 2011
Contraceptive Choices

Tubiligation or Essure???

I have used every birth control except the pill. I do not want to use anymore hormonal contraceptives and I also do not want anymore children. I've been considering getting my tubes tied or getting Essure but I am apprehensive because of talks of complications.
My questions is posed to anyone who has had either.

What has been your experience with your permanent option?
What option did you choose, why?
What other methods had u tried prior to the procedure, if any?
How long before the procedure did you stop taking contraceptives?
Would you say that your cycle is the same as before you started any contraceptives or the same as when you were using contraceptives or no difference at all?


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Posted by: ladyc on Jul 18, 2011
Contraceptive Choices

On the Mirena but 4 days late...

Hello. I'm on the Mirena and so far, to my knowledge it haven't given me any problems. So today I was thinking I should've gotten my cycle by now. Since getting the Mirena over a year ago my cycles have been a little irregular, but for the last 6 months been on point. So I just realized today that i'm 4 days late. Should I test or wait a week or so? Anyone else experienced this?

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Posted by: bestillxmyheart on Jun 12, 2011
Contraceptive Choices

Lutera 28's

I have Polycystic ovarian syndrome so that was the main reason I was started on birth control. The first month on it I was told I would have pregnancy symptoms and I totally did so that was uncomfortable. Before starting the pill my periods were either absent for years or they would last for months at a time, no break at all. The first 3 months on lutera i spotted for 2 weeks and then had an EXTREMELY heavy period for 4 days.Now, during the 4th month on it, I haven't spotted at all and my period came on the day it was supposed to. No weight gain, no cramps, no PMS really at all and the period was much lighter. I definitely love it.

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Posted by: oneababy on Jan 3, 2011
Contraceptive Choices

Heard of FertilAid?

Im just wondering if anyone has tried the fertilaid vitamin supplement that is suppose to help you conceive? I have read a lot of great things about it and have just ordered a 90 day supply over the internet and was wondering if anyone had any insight on if its a possiblity for working? I had to use clomid and progesterone with my first child and am against the use of progesterone again so I thought I would try something more natural this time... Thoughts? Feelings?

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Posted by: mommyhooper on Sep 9, 2010
Contraceptive Choices

Baby after a Tubal?

A year ago, I had my tubes tied after I had my beautiful daughter. I am now in a relationship with a wonderful man, and we would like to have a baby together. Has anyone gotten pregnant after a tubal with out having tubal reversal surgery? Any suggestions would be great.

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Posted by: Sarah2010 on Aug 9, 2010
Contraceptive Choices

Tried it all

I have tried just about every birth control there is. The pill made me have my period for 3 weeks at a time. I got the implants in my arm and they were recalled 2 months later. (that was 8 years ago). i tried the shot and gained a bunch of weight and my hair started falling out. The ring only lasted one month for me because it kept falling out. So then i got the IUD. I had this for 3 years. The pros were i didnt have a period and never had the worry of getting pregnant. The cons were that i retained a lot of water and i would still get pms. Made me feel a little crazy since i never got a period but had all of the symptoms. When i went for the yearly check up they oouldnt find the IUD. So they had to do a wheres waldo ultra sound to make sure it was still there. They found it but told me that when i wanted to get it out there was a chance i would have to have surgery. I got it removed in March to start trying for a baby. Good news is the dr got it out. Bad news was that it hurt really bad. He had to do a lot of work to get it since there was no string. I have 3 kids and have had 5 pregnancys. i am normally fertil mertil but now with my second marriage we are trying and have been since March and no luck so far. I am concerned that the IUD did something. My periods are horrible now and last 5 days with heaving bleeding and cramping! They have been regular since march until last month when i was 5 days late and determined i was prego. I wasnt prego just late but we are going to keep trying.

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