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Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome
Which PMS symptoms do you get? Are your symptoms tolerable or really disruptive? How do you deal with PMS, and what, if anything, helps you the most?

First Period after removing IUD

Posted by: TiahElaine on Sun Jan 15, 2012
So, last time I had a period it was 2009 I think. I recently removed my IUD in order to begin trying and I have never been so excited to have my period lol.. Things I forgot that happens during Aunt Flow are definitely coming back to me and I feel like I keep having these light bulb moments of "oh yeah.. I forgot that happens" lol. My symptoms currently are a little cramping and feeling bloated (which I took midol for).. fatigue and wanting to snack a lot. I think my biggest problem right now is fatigue though. I am so extremely exhausted and it is only 8pm.. bleh.

I told my husband that I was so excited to have Aunt Flow, but oh how miserable I felt at the moment.. he looked at me as if I spoke a different language and I had 3 heads lol.. silly boys..
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