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Early Signs of Pregnancy?
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Tubes Tied but pregnancy symptoms

Posted by: athena0482 on Fri Sep 23, 2011
My LMP was 19 Aug. I was due for my cycle 14 Sept, im pretty regular and normally within a day. The 14th comes along and all i get is not even 24hrs of barely spotting, only on the tp after using the restroom. This is not normal as i normally have 5-6 days of heavy bleeding. Since then my stomach is larger, my breast are sore and tender to the point I cant wear a bra today, certain foods and smells are making me nauseous and i'm craving others that i normally don't eat. It is now the 23rd of september and no sign of AF starting. Took 3 HPTs spaced apart and all Neg. The kicker is that my tubes were tied 5 yrs ago after having my twins. Late cycle added to everything else is definately not normal for a non-pregnant me. I went to the DR and she didnt even do a preg test because I told her the HPT i took the day before was neg. She informed me that its normal to miss periods occasionally and told me that if my period doesnt start in 3-6 months to come back. I think by then i'll know one way or the other. Does anyone else have anything like this going on? I'd like to find out whether or not i'm pregnant and if not what is going on with my body. My next cycle is due on 3 OCT, so right now im not stressing and will know soon enough.
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