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When Did You Decide Baby Names?
At what point did you select the name that you actually gave your baby? Before you were pregnant, during pregnancy, after delivery?

Arguing over names

Posted by: nikki1220 on Sat Feb 20, 2010
After we found out we were having a boy (which I would've sworn up and down was going to be my little princess) my husband and I fought about the boy name until I was around 8 months. I liked Ryder at the time and he (god help him lol) wanted to name our son Rowdy. I told him no up front about Rowdy because I felt like the name would taint him for life. Then one day out've the blue he came up with the name Canden and called me. I didn't love it at first but was finished arguing about it, plus I figured i'd get my way after he saw me go through labor. Well it stuck and Canden is now 4. I LOVE his name. It fits him so well. Its different too, since it was made up. We gave him a nice and normal middle name incase he gets sick of people misspronouncing his first name which happens a lot. They miss the n usually and mistake it for caden or camden. Ooh well. It works for us. Thank goodness after all the arguing over names with Canden we already have a boy and girls name set for the next bundle of joy God willing. Good luck to everyone ttc!
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