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CD 21, spotting, could this be my period or what?

Posted by: tekia386 on Fri Dec 4, 2009
Hey ladies i'm a little curious. Now i was on bc for three months May, June, and July of this year. Got normal period in Aug 19, nothing in Sept, came on again Oct. 17, and Nov. 14, and now here is the 4th. I think is way too early for my period to be coming on since it is cd21, never got a period this early. Since coming off i was a little irreg but thought i was getting back to normal so what i'm asking is this my period or implantation bleeding or what??? So confused this has never happened since i've been tracking my period average out 30 to 32 days and i've been having symptoms like bloating, acid reflux and heartburn really bad (very unusual, tired, breast pain, nausea, raised temp, and backpain). Could this be pms or what, i usually get this way right before af.
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