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Manage Printable Templates

You can create a variety of free cycle and symptom tracker templates at MyMonthlyCycles. Once saved, use the template to generate your printable cycle trackers whenever needed. More below

A MyMonthlyCycles account is required to save templates. You can generate printable trackers without being a member or logged in! However, you can not save: each time you'll need to setup the template again.

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No tracker templates to display.

If you are a member and have setup tracker templates, login and your list of templates display here.

What is a Printable Tracker Template?

A template enables you to setup a tracker, listing which fields you want to track. You can setup multiple templates, each of which you design to keep track of specific cycle (or even non-cycle) events in your everyday.

Once the template is built, generate a printable tracker with it. Your printable can be produced on a monthly or cycle basis. And, a given template can be used for both.

How do I Produce a Monthly or Cycle Tracker?

On the Generate Tracker page, you decide if you want your tracker to be Monthly or Cycle based.

A monthly tracker is produced for your template for the month and year you select. All of the date information is automatically filled in on your printable.

A cycle tracker is produced for your template using the cycle start date (ie. period start date) and average cycle length you specify. Your cycle is completely mapped, from cycle day 1 (CD 1) to CD N, where N is your cycle length, with all of the corresponding date information filled in.

Note: If you've opted to add lunar phases to your calendar, they are automatically filled in for the date period of your calendar.

How do I Access the Generate Tracker Page?

  1. To generate a printable for a saved template, click the Gen Tracker button, which is just below the template's summary. The Generate Tracker page is filled in with the your template's setup fields.

    Whle at the Generate Tracker page, you can make changes to your template's setup. These changes can apply just to the printable you are generating; Or, if you are still logged in, you can save the changes.

  2. Use the Generate Tracker button at the top of this page. There will be no setup data on the Generate Tracker page: you can create a new template. Logged in members can Save the template from that page (it will then appear in the list on this page); Visitors without an account can build and print the tracker.

What are examples of Printable Trackers?

  1. Build a period tracker template to keep track of period days, flow levels, cramps, water retention, and dozens of other symptoms that occur throughout your cycle.

  2. Build a weight tracker, with daily weight - or even morning and evening weights - and include symptoms and triggers associated with dieting.

  3. Build a medication tracker. For instance, if taking several meds daily, list them on your tracker and check off when you take each.

  4. Build a special food tracker. For example, if making lifestyle changes to address a health issue, use free fields to list the foods you're incorporating daily.

How Can I Build a Tracker Template?

  • Use the links on this page to add or edit templates that you save, which can be used now or in the future.

    Login to your MyMonthlyCycles account to access edit tools on this page.

  • Alternatively, you can build a template using the Build/Generate Tracker Page, the page from which all printables are produced. The Generate Tracker button at the top of this page takes you there.

    If you are not a member and want to generate a tracker, go to Build/Generate Tracker Page.

Managing Tracker Templates

After login, your list of saved templates are displayed on this page.

For each template, a summary of the fields you've placed on it are shown. Click Edit to fully review the tracker. Click the Gen button to generate a printable from your template.

  • Add Template - Click New Template at the top of this page.

  • Edit Template - Click the edit button to the right of the template to make changes, or to fully review its entry fields.

  • Delete Template - Click the delete button to the right of the template to permanently delete.