Why does my menstrual calendar's cycle day (CD) counter keep going even though I tracked I'm pregnant?

When you use the pregnancy calendar and track that you are pregnant, it does not notify the menstrual calendar to stop the CD counter. The cycle day counter on the menstrual calendar will continue to increase daily.

When you later track the first day of your next period after your baby is born, the cycle day counter will be reset back to 1.

However, the time you were pregnant will be a "long cycle" that will throw off your average cycle length. There's a very simple solution:

  1. Use My Preferences, and set the max exclusion rule, to exclude the time you were pregnant.

    Use the entry field on My Preferences: Exclude menstrual cycles that are greater than {you select}

  2. Optionally, add a marker to your menstrual calendar to reflect your pregnancy.

For more details, see: How do I mark pregnancy on my menstrual calendar, and adjust my average menstrual cycle length?

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