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Sep 22, 2007Babyprayersstarted acu...0270
Sep 14, 2007amyalice0179
Aug 27, 2007JessicaMaria0382
Aug 22, 2007Babyprayers0152
Aug 18, 2007amyalice0191
Aug 17, 2007BevBFP DPO 9 really bad cramp on right pelvic area that lasted...42036
Aug 9, 2007majestyjohnson1stmonthcharting...0255
Jul 25, 2007LAHDZ860376
Jul 23, 2007Babyprayers0189
Jul 21, 2007amyalice0224
Jul 1, 2007Babyprayers0165
Jun 23, 2007amyalice0193
Jun 22, 2007NurseJenny79Not temping for a few months...0447
Jun 8, 2007Heaven0547
Jun 8, 2007Babyprayersvery sick after miscarriage, did not feel well at all...0164
May 24, 2007amyaliceAmy and Tim's charts for June...0315
May 22, 2007chellemi0211
May 19, 2007NurseJenny79Hyperthyroid again...0410
May 6, 2007BabyprayersBFP day 29, negative day 34 - RE said it was probably ectopi...0595
Apr 25, 2007amyalice0212
Apr 13, 2007NurseJenny79Unidentified Health Problems...0571
Apr 5, 2007Babyprayersstaph infection from surgery, fever, major infection in bell...0189
Apr 3, 2007Heaven0513
Mar 26, 2007amyalice0180
Mar 15, 2007NurseJenny79Not temping this month...0313
Mar 14, 2007Babyprayerssurgery to remove stage 4 endo and left ovarian cyst 4/2/07...0159
Feb 28, 2007shelley0618
Feb 28, 2007amyalice0195
Feb 13, 2007BabyprayersRE suggested Lupron to help ovulation since Clomid caused cy...0139
Feb 12, 2007NurseJenny790404
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